Friday, November 2, 2012

John Gregozek November 2012

Every few days the pernicious narcissist and corrupt cop, John Gregozek, googles himself and tries to see if the people he stole from and tried to destroy might mention him. Living in fear of such exposure must be stressful. They say sociopaths suffer for themselves and so John Gregozek just might feel the pain and we hope he does. It doesn't get much uglier or lower than this crazed sausage, John Gregozek.

You know what? Sausage is too generous. I heard Hilshire Farms rejected him cause he had too much grisle. Only Jeffrey Dunn from the bogus Detective Unit, The Threat Management Unit, would hire a grisly Hilshire Farms reject like John Gregozek. Then outrageous bozo who looks like a mixture of Ruth Buzzi and Jay Leno are hired with tax payer money to protect this criminal. This Ruth Buzzi Jay Leno Lookalike is namned Elizabeth Mitchell and she is another city attorney who is both shabby, stupid, and rotten. Man oh man was she an absurd eyesore.

Well that's all for November for now, John. Keep checking . You won't be dissapointed.
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