Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First amendent right to talk of John Gregozek's stink

John Gregozek smells. Why do I write such silliness. Cause I can. It is my first amendment right  to alert the populace of the foul odor he emits as she commits his crimes. It smells sort of upcoming dementia. John Gregozek is a not too old sausage. Yet, he already shot a man and was sued for fraud and malicious prosecution. That is only, I imagine, the surface.

John Gregozek likes to hang out with celebrities but I bet they don't like hanging out with him. He has dead eyes and a sweaty red face and they are shallow like that. I'll omit mention of his smell.

Dear reader, why be so silly?
 Because I can.

Why discuss his stench now? Because now I won't be jailed for mentioning it. I spent 31 days in jail for calling him a kielbasa sausage and I so I can't deny resenting that slab of crap.

He  will try to get a  warrant for me revealing such non secrets. But, that won't be so easy nowadays. That's how it goes. Johh Gregozek and the band of criminals who went along will have to deal with the googles and the fact that no man doing what he does ever can be free. When all is said and done he will be hated by so many.

 Not smart to do what he did in the internet age. But, then he's not smart. No offense, but John Gregozek is one of the stupidest and most corrupt assholes that ever lived.

His supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn, is just as gross perhaps but this post is not about him today.
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