Saturday, November 3, 2012

John Gregozek most definately has google alerts

Kind of surprising to see IP's from Texas immediately reading my newest John Gregozek posts. I'm supposing that the destructive bastard, John Gregozek, is at some conference playacting as a Detective once again. John Gregozek and the other phony cops from the phony Threat Management Unit will tell you at every opportunity that they attend loads of conferences and that it is they who protect Judges. They put this in their perjured affidavits as a means to persuade already shifty judges to grant them everything and anything.

It's extremely traumatic to witness. John Gregozek, James Hoffman, and the rest of that dirty unit don't even pretend much. They are that arrogant and that corrupt that they simply invent things and tell judges that they are their protecters. They are shameless criminals who get to make their victims look like criminals. It's very obscene.
Soon their Vics(cop slang for victim) learn that due process and constitutional rights are a sham concept in Los Angeles county. Their Vic's privacy not to mention lives are ruined and these criminals are still on the loose.

Soon in retaliation for these meager blog postings 18 men raids are conducted on the city's dime. Calling Gregozek a sausage was very dangerous. Poking pigs like him seemed unwise . But, now, I'm done with being spooked and scared. I plan to poke such pigs till my dying day.
 Until it all is presented in a very cohesive way the teller of such a tale will appear to be a paranoid schizophrenic. We get that. It doesn't help that they came up with competency schemes out of the dark ages to discredit the complainer. How low can anyone go?

Very low, I've learned.

The fact that the Threat Management Unit fixes cases for thier buddies at the Lavely and Singer law firm is not something anyone should tolerate. The fact that certain judges and tons of city attorneys played along will really be told and told well.

In this case, a fortune was spent when their presumptions of a plea bargain never took place. They guessed wrong every step of the way .Their is great satisfaction in thinking of how they were thwarted every step of the way. Truly such a David and Goliath victory. But, still so much work and fight needed for justice. It seems so unfair but life is just not fair, I guess.

And, soon when scanner issues are resolved, those who harmed us will be held accountable. Till then, my stat counter will give us succor.  I love you stat counter!

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