Friday, November 2, 2012

John Gregozek October 2012

Corrupt buffoon John Gregozek googled " John Gregozek October 2012" quite a few times and came up empty. So this is a belated post to satisfy his sad google searches.

John Gregozek aided and abetted Tig Notaro . She was able to move to NY, rather than be in jail, and now Hurricane Sandy! Coincidence? I think NOT.

Gregozek must be scratching his pointy and oily head. Why now is my Vic writing about me? I thought I got away with total murder. I managed to get another dirty judge to do the city's bidding, he is thinking. Jeffrey Dunn and I coordinated 18 man raids on little old ladies and innocent girls and openly said " I read your blog" as the reason. No normal American will let it stand once they understand. They know that and I know that. 

And why in the hell is that shabby Jay Leno lookalike, Elizabeth Mitchell, stilll looking at my blog as of two days ago???? Why is she constantly looking up anything written about John Gregozek? Is she his lovah? Too repulsive to ponder. OMG, how heinous the imagery of those two power mad and graceless uglies in some embrace.

 I can't wait to post her insane and inane e-mails. I'm convinced that Carmen Trutanich recruits these city attorneys from the bottoms of people's shoes.

Doesn't Los Angeles city attorney Elizabeth Mitchell have anything better to do with city funds? What a bunch of bozos and  wastrels. What a tale will be told. What will emerge in regards to Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Richard Fruin et al will really be explosive stuff. Can't wait. But, this experience has taught me the value of truth and of patience. Thanks a lot, assfaces, for these profound lessons.

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