Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vanity Fair was being so fair and didn't even realize it --Tig Notaro comedy issue and more Evil Rush To judgement chatter

It appears that Evita Rush protects her nearly 700 tweets and denies other armchair psychologists the chance to have a window into her particular brand of cray cray.  Evita Rush has 2 followers and nearly 700 tweets. I don't, by choice, belong to the tweeterverse, but that strikes me as kind of sad. Tweet after tweet trying to get herself off the ground, then to promote two doomed enterprises such as Professor Blastoff and Tig Notaro, and she still can only snag two followers? I hate to brag but if I tweeted 700 times I'd do better than 2 followers. Shiiiit. Do you feel me?

Her tweet protection has made it impossible for me to know exactly what she has twitted, but based on my experience with her, I can make educated guesses.  I can bet anything that her tweets are inane, insane, and sooo stupid to boot.

" Go team Tig. I am a cray cray lady second and a Blastronaut first. I am Evita Rush and I am a FAN a FAN do YOU hear ME." kind of thing.

Why devote your precious time to such a dangerous kind of misfit? -- the sensible reader may ask me. The sensible reader might continue that any second of my time even aknowledging such long toenail like creatures is foolish. The sensible reader might not know that Evita Rush, drunk on fandom for cancer hoaxster, and general monstrosity, Tig Notaro, has decided to go all over the internet and defame me some more.  This is not your regular fangirl to smited Z list celebs. This is a person who is inflicting damage and who is liable for it. This is a person who is so crazy that she makes it clear that she works for special ed kids, and then goes on to say that such kids are stupid and slow and disgusting.

 I mean, this is the kind of fan that Tig Notaro deserves. Just as she deserves the kind of fame where a writer for Vanity Fair describes Notaro's stage presence as one of a "lone weirdo."  That is one  the most serendipitious and karmic things going. That this writer would choose those words... too rich for too many reasons. Then, the Vanity fair article, which I found out about yesterday, and did not plan to read , but was given a tip that I should, kept referring to Notaro as a lesbian and a a lesbian who is trying to work the lesbian " soccer boi look." You see, to Tig Notaro's benefit she didn't try to use that and doesn't appear to want her identity defined by who she sleeps with.Willen told me that she hates it, and I didn't blame her.

 But the irony, you see, is that Notaro is now being defined by a truth while Notaro has managed to have me defined by lies. Just as Notaro knows very well that I am the last thing from a "lone weirdo" that is what she has tried to convey in the course of the nearly five year coverup that resulted from a series of lies and false accusations she would make in 2008.

Boomerang karma is the term I coined in her case. She made my mother sick. She made my stomach sick etc,

The only person or thing i had in common with notaro, a Stef Willen, said to me, "God, I love watching you with people." She said that because I have always been very socially adept and very personable. I can get you thousands of witnesses if you need them. I hate to have to say that but it's essential in light of the fact that Notaro absolutely knew that I was this highly personable person, and yet chose to pretend otherwise in ways that are just too ugly to recount for this post.

So, for Notaro to describe me to the investigator and others as some "lone weirdo" and then for Notaro to be described as a  "lone weirdo" by Vanity Fair is trippy stuff. Cosmic stuff.
That was enough to sate my sense of the Universe's hilarious sense of humor. But, there was more.  Then, an alleged close friend, Amy Shumer,  gives a quote about how due to Notaro being gay and masculine-- well, she had a really tough time on the road and on the road to any fame or fortune. Shumer continues to say, " people fear what they don't understand."

This is funny for several reasons: First it's a with friends like that... situation. OMG, that would be an ex friend of mine so quick. Second, Notaro is masculine but by no means so masculine that it would prevent her any fame if she was deserving of fame, not wrung out of some sob stories and other shady machinations.

Also, Notaro  was in the closet(or as in the closet as you can be when you look like her,) and this statement must have made her want to hurl and hurl things at Shumer. These not only are very strange excuses to explain away that only cancer and fancy cancer entrepeneurs  allowed Notaro to get some press, but such statements that "people fear what they can't understand" indicates that Notaro is some lone lesbian weirdo freak in soccer boi clothing,  who people can't understand due to abject fear.Funny.

Well ,she is fearsome cause she has no conscience, she is fearsome cause she admittedly doesn't remember the truth ,or care what's true ect, and she is fearsome cause she can lie under oath over and over again and expect others to lie if she helps them with their careers etc etc, but she isn't fearsome cause she looks like a midwestern gym teacher, and does a third rate Steven Wright ripoff routine.

My guess from knowing Willen, and seeing what I have seen of notaro, due to having to defend myself against her, this is not the image she is after her. She wants to be seen as a badass on a motorcyle -- not a lone weirdo who scares the bejeesus out of normal people whence these normal folk fail to grasp the fearsome freakishness that stands before them telling uninspired comedy routines whilst wearing teen lesbian fashions, while in their forties.

Who would want that kind of article or that kind of image.  I rather be beyond anonymous. I rather be the most anonymous human being in all the land. I rather be buried with "John Doe is an obscure asshole" on my headstone that have that kind of karma come home to roost in such a public forum.

The moral of this story: Don't bear false witness ,don't assassinate the characters of terrific people, don't lie under oath and get innocent people jailed and damaged by doing so,  don't get others to lie for you under oath-- or otherwise, don't think Lavely and Singer can make your messes go away, certainly don't think the likes of Evita Rush can make your messes go away, come clean early on when you admit you don't even remember the truth, and you won't come across as a  "little known lone weirdo lesbian" who scares the masses in  the pages of Vanity Fair.

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