Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Judge Karla Kerlin is a monster, ladies and gentlemen

I'm trying to write the chapter on Judge Maria Stratton. It's painstaking but very very interesting. And, every day, others are googling " Judge Maria Stratton," from all over. Just yesterday, someone from Birmingham ,Alabama was able to read a tiny tiny bit about Judge Maria Stratton.

While I toil to expose very dangerous and very evil people, such as Judge Maria Stratton, I see good old Judge Karla Kerlin googling herself again. Karla Kerlin uses Charter Communications in Glendale California as her ISP, BTW.

Judge Karla Kerlin, so alliteratively named,  and so well positioned for the destruction of others, is a self obsessed monster. She seems to care so much about what her victims might say about her on the internet, as she claws her way into some position that will satisfy her unquenchable and repugnant  desire for power and prestige. I know she will read this and maybe that gives me some succor as the story slowly but surely unfolds.

Some peice of work is Judge Karla Kerlin. Ms. Kerlin, at first, was a smutty cut throat showgirl, then a corrupt prosecutor, known for dispensing with law or ethics etc. I'd bet hundreds of innocent people were irrevocably harmed by her.

Then Governor Shwartzenneger saw fit to let this tumor of a woman become a judge in a criminal court. Rather than jailing her, he put her in the position to jail others. That just isn't just not right-- it's very very very wrong.

It is not overstatement to say that Karla Kerlin would have been a Nazi or a War criminal if the opportunity ever presented itself. Ask Martin Boags if you don't believe me. Those two are way too tight. They can be seen laughing it up at ex partes all over town.

I understand that Judge Karla Kerlin is now presiding in East Los Angeles. I wonder why she is no longer in the cushier Clara Foltz Courthouse.  We hope that the commute is hellish for her. We hope that she stops all her charades and just starts stealing from the blind. I don't mean that I want her to steal from the blind, mind you, it's just that that would be more in line with Karla Kerlin's true calling.

Strange that she scours the internet . I imagine she lives n some fear that anyday her dirty deeds will lead to her undoing . Her nom de keyboard  is KarlaTini. How annoying.

I was taught to respect judges. To be stuck in a world where immoral monsters like  KarlaTini call themselves judges is disturbing.

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