Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John Gregozek 2012-- The LAPD'S threat management unit is paid off by Marty Singer

Gee, he's looking up "John Gregozek December 2012." He can totally destroy the reputations of innocent people. He can jail them and scheme and plot to get them put in Patton, but I can't diss this sick bastard on my blog. That doesn't seem right.

He can get away with actual and figurative murder. Start working for the people, John Gregozek. Wasting more city funds on reading this forlorn blog is lame. Get over it. Move on. You are obsessed.

Since I have your blank eyes on my blog, John Gregozek, I'd like to ask you some questions.  Do you have a mother? Did she teach you anything? Did you ever love anyone?  What is it like to live as a person who has no consciense? Must be less stressful. How much money did Marty Singer give you? Did Defoe, Hoffman, Lopez, Carlton, Smith, give you grief for your awful choices and actual crimes in my case. Or was that all par for the course for the TMU?

So many questions.

Defoe, Carlton, Smith and Lopez seemed to have consciences. Don't know about the other 12 you dragged along on your little terrorist mission on november 4th 2009. How much did that failed spectacle cost the city, John Gregozek? And,  did that ploy fail or what??? Wow, not even a tear from one of us, not one thing was gained for all that money and all that bad karma. You made more bad guesses didn't you?

You and Dunn were sure that false arrest ,  and repeated hand cuffing, and riot gear would make us sob. Fun to foil the likes of you, that much I know. Why did you edit the part of the tape where we called you a fat fuck and a clod? Strange thing to edit. Editing such evidence is illegal anyway but hey you know that means nothing as long as you are sued in L.A. As long as you get creeps like Judge Richard Fruin to ignore all known laws, you're good. You couldn't even deny that you were malicous and lawless in that contemptible demurrer, and that will not satisfy those not on Marty Singer's payroll. Do you really think that Marty Singer and bad guys like you get away with it forever?

 I could be wrong about these other Threat Management "professionals". Dunn, for sure, is like you. We know that. Dunn is merely a fatter,shorter and less red faced version of you. You both have those beady no one is home eyes, that's for sure. Terrorizing holocaust survivors is pretty low, wouldn't you say? Abetting grizzled lesbians like Tig Notaro against attractive and honest people, must have gone against some code of some kind, no?

When do you plan to retire and get set up in a celebrity security firm? You appear to be on the fast track. Gavin Debecker or the other firm that uses  Dr. Kaushal Sharma? Lane is it? Sharma must be a millionaire. You must get angry of that dreafful Indian makes more money than you. You are the type to be racist.

 Lots of money to be made if Marty Singer gives you the thumbs up. And, Marty Singer is very happy with the work of John Gregozek. John Gregozek is a go to guy who will kill if need be.
John Gregozek shot a man early on in his "career' and the man is actually still suing Gregozek. Gregozek is a bad bully. If you want to be a bully and a crook,Gregozek, you need to shoot them so they die, dumbass.
I'm too busy to write more but i don't want to dissapoint John Gregozek when he searches for himself. He is a man with guns and without a soul, and with a contract with Marty Singer,  and it's best not to dissapoint folks like that.
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