Sunday, December 16, 2012

Missi Pyle, you don't need a tattoo just look at Tig Notaro

" I can barely remember the truth much less lies." Tig Notaro.

Damned that is true and that will be shown to be so true.

Amazing to hear Tig Notaro question you about Truth, Missi Pyle, when Tig Notaro is the poster child for liars. Notaro goes on to talk about how children don't see the repurcussion of lies. Notaro fails to give you some good advice and she fails to tell poor David Huntsberger that if you hire Allison Hart from Lavely and Singer you can get all the lies in the world. You can make up stalkers, you can get terrific people jailed and ruined, and you can get away with it.

Kyle Dunnigan strikes me as an opportunistic asshole, but I do worry for Missi Pyle and David Huntsberger. They are sitting near a dangerous shark and they don't seem to know it. It is one's duty to prevent more damage once aware of diseased souls like Notaro and so it goes.

Very soon, Missi Pyle, and David Hunsberger, will fully understand what a dark and disgusting liar is Tig Notaro, and exactly how and why she was able to get away with such lies for so long. If they have decency, they will be disgusted and kick pernicious narcissist, Tig Notaro, to the curb. Notaro will find more dupes, so that's no big deal. Notaro will hire more lawyers and more Zeke Iddons and Scott Boxenbaums will pop out of their respective sewers to get more law suits necessitated. What a wicked web indeed. Run, Missi Pyle, run!
Sociopath's like Notaro don't fear Karma or god so the purpose of this post is not too ambitious. I was sent a link to listen to Notaro's thoughts on honesty and I just had to hear it. Whoa is it trippy to listen to. Something so artless and hopeless about sociopaths. No revelation or redemption posssible. I wish I wasn't saddled with such a tedious and hopeless nemesis.

I never expected a nemesis, but I feel really cheated that when one showed up they were called "Tig" and they were hideous looking, talked about themselves in third person, and were incapable of redemption. BORING.

Now, Tig Notaro, has an actual stalker -- A lost woman named Evita Rush . She either resides in Vancouver Washington or Charlottesville, Virginia and she is making very particular death threats .

Confusing Karma is the gift that keeps on giving.

In the background I hear Missi Pyle talking about Karma and the sound of it falling on the deaf ears of Tig Notaro.

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