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Judge Maria Stratton - a dark and depressing truth part 2

Almost daily, Ip's all over California, are accessing a post I wrote a long time ago. The post is inartfully titled. "Judge Maria Stratton-- a dark and depressing truth." Tons of searches for Tig Notaro related stuff too but man oh man is she inconsequential in the scheme of things. Sure, she started it, and sure she was willing to keep up the lies and the slander and sure she is sick and crazy,  but she is merely the one who put the the first piece of snow on what would become a massive snowball of legal corruption. The prospect of Tig Notaro conning more people out of money is much less pressing than Judge Maria Stratton or Judge Kerlin and Judge Jessner conning people out of their liberty.

I wrote the first part without access to all the context that I will need to really expose , or at least seriously undermine, a corrupted and well connected judge that is way way way out of control.  Judge Maria Stratton is insane, incompetent, and criminal. Ah, the irony.

Same goes for Judge Samantha Jessner, and she ,even moreso than Stratton, is in the position to cause great harm. Stratton has been moved to a backwater civil court and Judge Samantha Jessner was moved to Division 95. A demotion, a punishment, or a sure bet way for malicous prosecutions to avoid trail when they will get sued once they lose? No matter what the reason behind these moves no good can come from having corrupted judges such as them sitting on anything better than bus benches.

I got out . I, by what appeared to be a series of mercies and miracles, got free from the sinister tentacles of a Judge Maria Stratton.
PTSD and other bad, and not so bad things, caused by that malicous prosecution have delayed the telling of the tale --I have lived to tell . This leaves me and the other witnesses(and there were more than anyone would guess) with at least -- responsibility-- and at best-- mission.

Any American Citizen who bears witness to a Judge Maria Stratton, in action, must be imbued with the most basic of missions -- get this woman stopped. Have them see what she did to you, at the very least. Make sure she is not able to do this again.

Considering the crimes of Stratton( which soon will become much clearer) time is of the essense. Judge Maria Stratton doesn't merely cause heartbreak she causes devastation to innocent people. She leaves them with a story that no modern American would want to believe. She ruins lives and she does things that are not expected or acceptable in any civilized society. She is so far out and so corrupt that anyone bearing witness to what she did will look nutty. The bailiffs in her court would shake their head and one said, " I've been in this court long enough that nothing can ever surprise me."
From what a few of these bailiffs said over time it is clear that Strattons conduct in my case is the rule rather than the exception.

 In my case, she wanted to cause much much worse that even heartbreak or devastation.  She was willing and able to figuratively bury me alive in Patton. She even enjoyed it by all indications. She seems very self satsified and completely devoid of mercy. Maria Stratton is not only corrupt but by all indications she is a sadist who gets off on harming others.

You see, Judge Maria Stratton orders certain entities, Dr. Kaushal Sharma, and a Dr. Francisco Velarde, to falsify reports for her friends in the prosecution. Such friends are named Martin Boags, Richard Vagnozzi, Jennifer Waxler, Felise Cohen Kalpakian. There are more but that is enough.
Lawyers who swear me to secrecy, have told me that there are other doctors in that court willing to do such things too, but I can only vouch for what  Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Franscisco Velarde did in my case.

In such reports she orders them to not only falsely declare, the very competent-- incompetent. But in these "reports" she tells them to write that the innocent and unwilling to take a plea bargain defendant be "forcibly medicated." When that, in this case, still fails to get the innocent defendant to run off in abject fear when witnessing soviet era russia tactics, Judge Maria Stratton spits on Hippaa laws in extraordinary ways. She realized soon that even completely breaking hippaa laws won't work but she still leaves a paper trail. In the end, her victim, stands trial, and all charges are thrown out by a good judge, Judge Randolph Moore. Stratton is foiled this time, but there will be a next time. And, it is the responsibility of her victims and the numerous witnesses to step up in any way. Many will not due to career concerns or fear of jail but some will or one day will and that is all to expect, at this stage.

For the longest time I've been set on the idea that the only way for a  story like this can be digestible it has to be presented in some perfect way. Each document must be scanned and uploaded, and every bit of accompanying text must be perfect. But, there is a big problem with this form of perfectionism: Time is too much of the essence. Too many can be harmed while I grasp for this elusive perfection. The long overdue epiphany that it doesn't have to be pefect will allow me to post much more frequently and to try much harder to make a difference.

When one, for whatever reasons,is made aware of human monsters like Judge Maria Stratton(and her enablers and abetters, Judge Richard Fruin, for that matter, not to mention Richard Vagnozzi, Jennifer Waxler, Martin Boags, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, Judge Robert Vanderet, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Samantha Jessner et al) it becomes a pressing imperative to try and do something non stop, in order to out them.

I am very aware that when faced with such a large amounts of dangerous and corrupted individuals, the guilty parties will say, "She's crazy. She's paranoid."  The uninitiated reader will believe them . If I hadn't lived this story I wouldn't believe it. I get that. I get it completely.

 Aspersions on my mental health or character can't stop me anymore. The truth is that I've always been too unparanoid-- too trusting. Till a demented woman, Tig Notaro , unleashed her sociopathy on me I had a very clean and good name. No one ever doubted my sanity and it was recognized that I was a very honest and good human being. But, there must be a big lesson i was forced to learn, and I think that I have learned it. It's a lesson about truth and the intense value of truth in times of subterfuge and obfuscation. The lesson of truth is comingled with the lessons of patience. And, it's an endless work in progress to master superhuman level of patience.

I feel I have learned many lessons and one of leads me to a fresher sense of motivation when it comes to getting the story out in its entirety, and yet making sure that in the meantime the likes of Judge Maria Stratton are in any way exposed.

Some of the abuses of Judge Maria Stratton are:

Judge Maria Stratton denies any bail for non violent misdemeanor defendants ,She forces them to be jailed without new charges for 31 days as she orders her evil underlings, Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde to do what they can to terrorize innocent people. If you don't believe me look into case 8ca10541 and then follow the trail to Division 95. I am working on presenting all the transcripts etc but in the meantime that alone should intrigue the justice minded reader.

 Judge Maria Stratton doesn't care if one of the innocent people is a Holocaust survivor. Judge Maria Stratton, judging by her actions in case 8CA1054`is a criminal. She comitted treason and treachery and she must be jailed. Once, in federal prison, those she sold out to the highest bidder will be there to greet her. That's a great ending to this story.
Judge Maria Stratton sneeringly breaks all laws and ignores all constitutional amendments as she makes sure that the innocent defendent is denied her zoloft in jail in the hopes that this innocent defendant breaks down and pleas to something it is long clear she didn't do. That is how barbaric is Stratton. She will get a depressed defendant to not be allowed her antidpressants so as to pray for a nervous breakdown inspired plea bargain.

 Then, when too many witnesses are feared ,and still no plea,judge Maria Stratton will go from not allowing any bail to coming up with a random sum like 10k bail. This makes no sense, as lay people as well as lawyers know.

While Judge Maria Stratton has now illegally detained an innocent woman without any criminal record, and with no evidence this woman has ever comitted any crime, Stratton is attending dinner parties with her husband Peter Sadowsky and assorted cospirators such as Richard Vagnozzi and Bernie Brown and Martin Boags and Jennifer Waxler. Too sad that Peter Sadowsky purports to be some civil rights minded lawyer . There is no way he would be married to Maria Elena Stratton if such was the case. Or, maybe she keeps her evil and corruption hidden? Don't yet know. Or, maybe he's rotten too, and like her keeps the cover of the civil rights minded to get rich quicker. Either lawyer Peter Sadowsky is a dupe or a devil. Interesting to know but not too pressing.

Ok, so that's a very imperfect way of fulfilling any sort of mission but it will have to do for today.
A Sergeant in internal affairs was particularly stricken by the role of Judge Maria Stratton and said  " One day she will have to answer for what she did." I won't even use his name because I imagine judge Maria Stratton could and would make some phone calls that would put him in some form of peril. This sergeant had the heart to tell me this, " You just had no reason to be in jail. There was no legal reason at all." Then, his supervisor made sure such deductions were not revealed to any party that could really help.

Many days have passed since this investigator for internal affairs said that Judge Maria Stratton will one day answer for what she did. Mercifully, she now is able to screw over civil litigants in Van Nuys . I'm sure she threatens any good lawyer with contempt proceedings but otherwise thank god she is not in the criminal courts rigth now.

  The wheels of justice grind and grind and she is still free and not in federal prison where she belongs. Once life makes any sense again and Judge Maria Stratton is in Federal prison I  hope the many she sold out during her tenure as the first female federal public defender are there to greet her. That would be sweet, and strange things do happen when serious injustice is involved.

My deepest sympathies for any Van Nuys litigant who is not connected and not aware of Judge Maria Stratton. I very much doubt any ruling she makes is based on law though she had the best of educations, and all the chances in the world to do good. Instead, she became a monster.

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