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Tig Notaro censorship

"Tig Notaro censorhsip" is what some googler in Brooklyn has put into a search bar. That is all I can know. I was born in Brookyn and so I have an affinity for this googler, whether misplaced or not. I want to talk their ear off and have the truth known to them. I can only tell the truth and count on nothing more. I've learned this awhile ago. There is no timeline. There are no guarantees. There are those who have a lot invested on hiding the truth and they will work tirelessly. In the end, all there is faith and hope, and the hard and faith defying work of expressing the truths that others are trying so hard to hide.

But, that is not something that can happen. I won't get the actual ear of this googler.At least, not today. I'll have to settle for  telling this googler about Tig Notaro and censorship. You see, Tig Notaro, has been participating on assaults of the first amendment for nearing five years now.
It is no exaggeration to say that not only does Tig Notaro not grasp what the truth is but that she has no regard for the basic rights of those who are not Tig or Mathilde Notaro. She did not act alone when silencing the truth in ways that shock any normal consience. She knew she could not act alone and be allowed such assualts. So, in April of 2008, she made the choices that put her in touch with Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. Notaro was pissed off that people didn't like her on a message board called Datalounge. I kid you not. Notaro planned on being rich and famous and she was told that if she had done something wrong and that it might come back to haunt her, Lavely and Singer would do everything possible to protect her "brand." Notaro was convince that she had a brand to protect and was even trying to change her name to "Tig' absent the Notaro. Like Cher and Oprah etc. Again,I kid you not. Eventually, she dropped that idea, I understand. But, my guess is that now with all this cancer induced attention she will revive the Tig sans Notaro insanity

So in April 7th 2008, Notaro not being stalked or harrassed but being dissed on a message board, felt it would be a worthy investment to pay the big bucks to Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. If Lavely and Singer was able to hide the groping issues of Arnold Shwartzenegger or the infidelities  of Tiger Woods surely they could stop negative internet postings about Tig Notaro. There was a big problem though for Tig Notaro. None of these postings were threatening, or in any way not completely protected by the first amendment. In fact, such postings were either obvious opinion or fact and so a defamation suit would not be effective. These were silly posts that would not frighten any sane person.

What could Allison Hart do? What could Tig Notaro do when faced with only the specter of someone airing some of her dirty deeds?

Notaro had already lied to Griffee and Flanagan and Heidi Feigin . There was no turning back .  Lavely and Singer did what they are known to do -- fix cases. Absent a defamation claim they would have to coach Notaro into how to get a restraining order when no such order is warranted. Notaro, then, didn't want to dole out the cash to really retain Allison Hart for such things but she still illegally falsified the documents to make it seem as if she were represented by Lavely and Singer for such proceedings.

Then, Lavely and Singer called Jeffrey Dunn .Jeffrey Dunn , always willing to help Marty Singer, put John Gregozek, on the case, and told him to play act as a detective. Surely, this person would get spooked and never be heard from again. But, then a strange thing happened, acccording to evidence, this Unit and even the very Dirty Jeffrey Dunn and Gregozek, would not take such a case. It was clear that there had not been stalking or any crimes on my part and the matter was dropped.

The ever resourceful Allison Hart wasn't paid enough to come to court but she was paid enough to put in a phone call to Judge Gerald Rosenberg and he in turn granted her semi client whatever it is they were after. Law and truth were not involved. Judge Gerald Rosenberg likes the ladies and he likes money. His wife or law don't get in the way. The minute he realized that Lavely and Singer were associated with Tig Notaro he would sign his name to whatever it is she might bring him.

Allison Hart told Notaro we now got you a void restraining order thanks to judge Rosenberg and I'm sure now all your problems will be over.

Months pass and I appeal this unlawful void order. I also talk to some people and realize that I must sue Notaro for defamation since she has not only defamed me but my family and not only has she defamed us she has made sure that I be banned from every comedy club. So, i sue her for defamation.

Notaro so sure that she can bully people out of town and then perjure herself and then ruin peoples names for kicks and get away with it is appalled.

She showed her ruthlessness and she showed her might and still..... a defamation suit, an appeal? Now, she has to spend money on Allison Hart again?

Allison Hart calls John Gregozek. John Gregozek is willing to do a lot for Allison Hart because then when he wants to work for high paying celebrity security firms Marty Singer and Allison Hart are the people to make sure he's first in line.

So Notaro is served with a defamation law suit on August 13th 2008. Allison tells John Gregozek, " John, you need to get a criminal charge filed. That might be the only way to win this one cause my client is batshit and she will not be able to win any defamation suit if it ever gets to a jury."

John Gregozek, long knows that Notaro is a liar and a creep but he's a liar and a creep so who cares. He goes to the city attorney he knows won't question him, a Phyliss Henderson, and he tells her all the lies he's been ordered to tell her.  He tries to get a charge for violation of a restraining order filed and one for stalking. Phyliss Henderson sees this fancy detective so intent on pressing charges and files a bum charge for a violation of a bogus order though the order is not even on file or ever acessed before such a charge is filed. Another city attorney, Webster, refuses to file any stalking charge because hey that's too much, John. The charge is filed on August 18th 2008 though Gregozek will actually try and fail to backdate it to make it look as if the defamation suit followed the charge as opposed to preceding it.

The public defender who sees the charge a month later will say " Is this a joke. What is going on with female comedians." He repeatedly says " I would love to take this to trial." In other words, never plea, this is a joke.

All the while Allison Hart and John Gregozek(With Jeffrey Dunns encouragement and blessings) are sure that now that they have introduced an innocent person to the criminal justice sytsem for the first time she will be so scared she will disappear into the ether or something.

On the second court date a plea is offered and it is the "best possible plea in the justice system" It is called "informal diversion" Google it for some understanding. Since I did nothing alleged by Notaro no way no how am I getting to have this freak get me to plea to something and have any kind of stuff on my record, though the promise of informal diversion is that you won't have anything on your record even.

So I rejected this fabulous plea and upset a lot of bad people by doing so. To say that assumptions made assholes out of them would be such understatement as to constitute obscenity. It made criminals out of them all, in the end. Unprosecuted, sure, but dangerous criminals nonetheless.

I have to run now, Tig Notaro censorhip googler from Brooklyn, but I'll be back and back again until the story is able to instigate justice or change or any good thing. What Tig Notaro was capable of doing ,and how then she was able to get away with it for so long(If you don't consider the seeming karma of her recent adverstity tour) is a matter of more importance than anyone can grasp, at the present time.

In the meantime, try to keep this in mind: The story started with this Tig Notaro but she is a tiny fish in the scope of what she would start. Lavely and Singer and their unholy alliances with judges, police, and prosecutors in LA is much more important to note if you intend to do some digging. Another blogger is intent on exposing Lavely and Singer and she writes a blog called 'Dirty Secrets"  If you google "Dirty Secrets Marty Singer" you will see some interesting things. She mentions Jeffrey Dunn and Gregozek and Hoffman too. It's all really the tip of the iceberg at this particular point in time.

Lavely and Singer and Tig will point to dirty rulings made by notoriously dirty judges to stave off the many questions that are arising out of her accountings. We know this and we know what must be done to fix this but it will take a little while longer.
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