Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes reader in Niceville Florida Scott Boxenbaum is disgusting

Fun and interesting hits to this waystation of a blog.

People and courts all over California looking up judge Maria Stratton and Karla Kerlin. Last month it was all about Judge Samantha Jessner. The karma is coming.The justice is on it's way. It better be cause those judges mentioned are nightmares and enemies of the people. Sure, that sounds dramatic,but they know it and I know it and many know it. They have all been demoted but that is not enough. The must be unbenched in my lifetime. A worthy mission that I intend to pursue until real results take place.

Today, I can see Evita Rush all over the blog. She strikes me as someone not worth a waste of a single breath, but it's interesting that she is trying to do some digging. Maybe, she's just one of those fangirl types whose been lied to and when she knows the truth she will feel awful.

I've never been remotely a fangirl so the mentality escapes me.
 Till this seemingly lost and insane, Evita Rush, comes to her senses(The day after hell freezes over etc) she'll bombard the internet with defamation and make death threats and discuss Dicks. She seems to see Dicks as the devil. Not Richard shortened named Dicks or private eyes,  but I'm guessing she is referring to the male appendage.

Hundred of hits daily with the strangest search terms. Some very cheering some just confusing. The reason I decided to mention specifics today is because someone in NiceVille Florida is looking up, " Scott Boxenbaum is disgusting." and landing here. When the folks in Niceville find you disgusting you know you need to make some changes, Scott Boxenbaum. But, rest easy, Scott Boxenbaum your grossness has been usurped and surpassed by a desperate dude from Somerset by the name Zeke Iddon. Had an English friend who used to make fun of people from Somerset and I didn't get it. Well, that's changed. Zeke has devoted his life to being a bitter and dishonest clod, who thinks harassing his superiors is a legitimate lifestyle.
Zeke Iddon is allowing me the ability to file a federal suit so he's not all bad. In fact, he's a blessing in disguise.

Also, it can't be emphasized enough: Run, Missi Pyle, Run. Jealousy and evil in the form of something that calls itself "Tig" is in your midst. You know it, already. I can tell. Trust the gut. That is always a smart thing to do.
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