Sunday, December 16, 2012

OMG, Tig Notaro can't even grasp the concept of truth. Run Missi Pyle Run Part 2

OMG, Missi Pyle, and David Hunstberger try to talk about Truth, and this Tig Notaro is completely lost. She can't even grasp the concept. They wisely note that you can remember the truth but it's very hard to rememer lies.

Uh Uh the cured of cancer in one month, Tig Notaro, says. Then, she adds this tasty tidbit for the ears of future juries: " I can't even remember truth much less lies . I know I get a feeling so it comes from somewhere."
 They all shrug it off . It's showbiz. She can get them jobs and fame. Why question.

Judge Gerald Rosenberg, if he wasn't a notoriously perverted and
corrupt judge, would find that interesting. Objectively, this Professor Blastoff podcast is a true blue bore but it is a goldmine for admissions from Tig Notaro.

Cancer comedianne, Tig Notaro, can't even grasp what truth is. Truth doesn't make sense to her on any level!

She gets a feeling and improvises from there. Then, she is "lucky" enough to bring in a cavalry of similarly truth deficient rats like Allison Hart from Lavely and Singer to assist her with her inability to grasp what truth is much less tell it.

Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer realizes that Notaro has now told wildly disparate tales of assaults and incidences and that non sociopaths will be disturbed. This is an actual crime. Notaro has lied to the police on May 5th 2008 and now she has gone and perjured herself on May 28th 2008. Lavely and Singer need to get dirty. Getting dirty is what they were specifically hired to do. They will do it whether it the Governor or for a z list comedian. God bless em. They at least do work for their clients. Hell, if I was a sociopath I'd hire them too.

They know they can rely on Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek. That they know. Like Notaro, Gregozek and Dunn are desperate hollywood wannabes. Those types are reliable when it comes to getting orders from Lavely and Singer. In the disguise of public servants, John  Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn, will do what needs to be done. First mission: Talk to Judge Gerald Rosenberg and make sure Notaro gets whatever she can.
 Then, if that doesn't do the total trick they can get lots of other people to help terrorize a client of Lavely and Singer.
Maybe Marty Singer gets on the line to add encouragement. Now, truth is going to get flushed down the toilet for sure. Jeffrey Dunn will never say no to Marty.
 But for how long can truth be so obscured?

A long time. Too long. So long.

They all fail to properly presume that Notaro's victim won't succumb to the will of a bunch of liars and low lifes, and the rest is a kind of history.

Flash forward to the Karma police arresting Tig Notaro and offering her the opportunity to confess.  Whatta a beautiful story it would be if she had a conscience. The death( or even life bed) confession. Us, there to release her from the unbearable guilt of comitting so many vicious crimes.

Alas, such closure is for the movies alone?

As of today, Notaro doesn 't believe in Karma. Clearly, sociopaths can't grasp such concepts if even the concept of what truth means eludes them. No brainer. If they believe in Karma they wouldn't have done it in the first place.

I feel deprived of the poetry and grace that would had resulted if my grotesque nemesis had just had a conciense.

Now the elite media has taken into their bosom a monster. That's another wild and unforeseen twist.

 Ira Glass, Louis CK, Hilary Redmon, and the rest, try and try to propel a bloodless sociopath into the stratosphere. How strange. Is this one of those the bigger they are the harder they will fall endings?

So many ways this can play out. Keep posted, dear readers.

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