Sunday, December 16, 2012

Required reading for anyone reading about Tig Notaro-- Open Letter to Ira Glass, Louis CK, Hilary Redmon etc.

Chronic lying-check.
Chronic bedwetting -check
Stealing- check
Glib superficial charm- check
Being out of step with what others feel and think- check.

Listened to the incredibly tedious Professor Blastoff  podcast. It is a podcast where Tig Notaro displays herself, once more, as a figure to be pitied. She simply was born all wrong.
Agonizing but worth it. Proof positive that my tiresome nemesis is a sociopath,and that others know but are too ambitious to care.
Are people that lonely and lacking in humor to need to listen to that ? I truly am trying to be objective but that show is just the definition of "Uninspired."  I feel bad for this kid,  David Huntsberger. He seems like an innocent kid surrounded by  sharks. We know that Kyle Dunnigan will push the elderly to get on Tig Notaro's good side, so we don't worry about Kyle Dunnigan. What an audio snippet. Four people discussing truth and Tig Notaro is acting as if she is hearing about something wholly unfamiliar. The last line is wild. A Missy Pyle talks about how the prospect of Karma made her change her lying ways .Tig Notaro says with some measure of scorn, " You believe in Karma." Then, she and the others try and try and try to get more listeners to this podcast. The world seems to have become just one big cesspool of blatant self promotion.

Tig Notaro, on a show about honesty no less, has admitted that she has no idea what the truth is. The fact that she admits it is very interesting. It is also depressing. We are not dealing with the possibility of rehabilitation here. We are dealing with a mutant. I don't say that to be mean. It is chilling to see and be harmed by someone who is not on the same page as the vast majority of humanity. Or, maybe Sociopaths are the majority. I sure hope that isn't the case.

This is a woman who John Gregozek , Carmen Trutanich,and Judge Maria Stratton, amongst many others, have abetted using a  fortune of Los angeles's money, and this is someone who has recently been given money to write a non fiction book.

Hilary Redmon,from Harper Collins, is going to have a very red face if they ever release the pack of lies that will constitute any literary offering of Ms. Mathilde Notaro. Ira Glass and Louis CK, and anyone who assists this dangerous predator,will look and feel foolish.

 I can't blame them. I actually sympathize with them. I fell for the lies of Stef Willen.
 It's very hard to detect especially when the sociopath is a trained actress( as are Stef Willen and Mathilde Notaro. )

 I do, of course, blame John Gregozek et al. because they have seen the overwhelming evidence. They have seen that, and did much worse than just look away, but the rest: I'm assuming they don't yet have any idea.

Exact quote from Tig Notaro, in response to Missi Pyle dicussing how the truth is easily rememberd while lies are not.
 " I don't remember the truth much less lies. But, I have a feeling so I know that it comes from someplace."

Kyle Dunnigan then says, " Thank you, Your honor" as an aside.

And these three chuckle. These three ahem podcasters chuckle  a lot over things that aren't funny.  I sure didn't chuckle. In light of what Tig Notaro did this isn't funny at all. It's actually pretty tragic.

This is what allowed, and what now allows her to live with herself. Aha! Then, again, I realize that it is a complete waste of time to wonder if or how she can live with herself because the answer is that she does not feel empathy or guilt.

She's so stupid and so crazy that she actually just admitted that her truth arises  only out of a feeling not at all out of actual events. Will this in any way stop the strange machine that now chugs along to make folks rich off of Notaro's alleged cancer?

Sociopaths are kind of fascinating. Why? Because they keep going going going when anyone else would stop. They are like malevolent  energizer bunnies.  And, they pull so many down with them.

 At best, they leave so many scratching their heads. The normal mind expects anwers and motives. When left without them, the sociopathic character, becomes a curiosity that can't be satisfied. You listen . You want to hear opportunities for understanding. The progression to forgiveness is impossible without guilt on the part of the guilty party. The victim almost feels bad for hating someone who simply doesn't know any better.
 The story begins and ends without hope for resolution, and yet the man of conscience is wired to expect and wait for resolution. It becomes a classic hopeless cause that the curious sort can't stop trying to understand.

It is clear that she was a chronic bettwetter who could not finish 9th grade after 3 tries. She is a pathological liar. I don't yet if she sets fires or tortures animals but I'll probably find out. I wish I could point to the Mcdonald Triad but that will have to wait.

As for her glib superficial charm, I'm biased. I don't see it as hard as I look. She strikes me as hard on the eyes, comically arrogant, and charmless.
But, apparently, some are willing to perjure themselves or make death threats on her behalf.  So, I can't argue that she has some sort of evil mojo power. Also, can a comedian be a sociopath? Isn't the expression of humor somehow in conflict with such a lack of irony or empathy? Dont' have the answers but that mere fact keeps the guessing going.

Another big quetion becomes then how much longer so many lies can subsist . How can someone who can't even disguise her missing conception of truth still be at large? I think the answer lies in desperation and show biz ambtion and in Los Angleles.

I think had Tig Notaro been say a teacher, rather than a well connected and ruthless comedian, she would have been stopped before.

  How many more can give money to her and just ignore the fact that the chances of her giving any of it to cancer charities are nil to none. Hell,the chances that she even has cancer are growing to non existent. Her newest stories don't add up.

What is our responsibility? Is it sin to allow these sociopaths to run so loose? What is the responsibility of the witness or the victim? Is Tig Notaro capable about lying about cancer and if so how many more will she hurt?

 God, I hope someone is watching when it comes to these cancer charities she is claiming to support, at the very least.

Well, I often think God watches. I am no atheist though I have come to wish I weren't so invested in right and wrong, good and evil.

 I know there are many witnesses out there who must be bothered by their consciences.  I used to love humanity, and I still hold out hope.

I mean the public defender who got to speak to the witnesses and  called Tig r a "lying freak" and Heidi Feigin and Officer Badar and Sam and Julius and Bill,  and even Darryl W . The list is endless, actually. Surely, it must bother them to see such a loathsome individual benefit from more lies.

We'll see.

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