Saturday, January 5, 2013

Evita Rush is now googling "Evita Rush" this has nothing to do with Broadway ticket sales BTW

Evita Rush of Vancouver Washington  googles "Tig Notaro is a stalker and a sociopath" every day and sometimes twice a day. That's crazy. According to yesterday's Stat Counter, now Evita Rush is googling herself, "Evita Rush" is the google search term.

From what I've gathered Evita Rush has devoted her life to vermin and that Rush says thing like "HOT AS FUCK" and that she is so low and so shameless that she viciously degrades the disabled students she has been entrusted with. So it's vermin on vermin love. Evita Rush is also a sick bully who misread me and thought she could defame me and bully me and get away with it since she believes that others had. She saw that uber losers Scott Boxenbaum and Zeke Iddon felt emboldened and she wanted to join the confederacy of dunces. A growing confederacy, to be sure.

 See that's how dumbass dreg bully fan types misread situations: They smell blood in the water and think they can pounce and even benefit from the misfortune of another. This they think will elevate them somehow. Evita Rush made a strange deduction. She deduced(right now she's googling the word deduce cause she's so stupid she knows like maybe 40 words) that she could wildly defame me and remain unscathed. Well, that was a dumb deduction.

Evita Rush represents a sort of lying termite, at this point. And, termites who lie, are worse than your average termite, even. So, Evita Rush, you will be regarded as a defaming and moronic termite. You can figure out what that exactly means.
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