Saturday, January 5, 2013

The LAPD's TMU or Threat Management Unit is a Criminal Enterprise led by Jeffrey Dunn

I woke up today to see that someone in Pico Riviera was searching for " LAPD officers TMU scandal"  Aha, finally, justice?Miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage by judges like Richard Fruin, and still.... somehow justice will arrive.  It has to. The rackets in the Los Angeles Superior courts can't be sustained forever according to the laws of .... I don't know... common decency? Would the American pubic tolerate the idea that an LAPD unit makes deals with a famed Hollywood law firm, Lavely and Singer. The deals? Make Marty's clients happy at any cost, and your detectives will be first in line for lucrative positions with Micheal Zona and Gavin Debecker and any high paying celebrity security position than will crop up . Just make Marty Singer happy by making his very high paying celebrities happy, and everyone but our victims will be very happy.

 If the depth and breadth of the LAPD's Threat Management Unit's collusion with Marty Singer is known than there will be hope for justice on a grand scale, yet.

 C' mon Pico Riviera. Dig. Dig. There is a world of scandal to be found. Some helpful keywords: Martin Boags, Karla Kerlin, Judge Richard Fruin(look up the case in the court) LAPD officers Jaqueline Montalvo. That is just a very minor start.

Very little appears on the internet, as of yet, Pico Riviera, and that is because Lavely and Singer keep removing things, and the Threat Management threaten those who learn about them. It is believed that they even murdered Jaqueline Montalvo since her testimony would have opened up a pandoras box that would have put an end to so many of them.

While you dig, I'll tell you this: The LAPD's Threat Management Unit is composed of dangerous whores . The top whore is a beady eyed and  mercenary whore named Jeffrey Dunn. Jeffrey Dunn has a very good gig going.  Jeffrey Dunn counts on a lot of things when envisioning his future. He can clearly see that if he grants top dogs in celebrity law firms what they want he is assured a very lucrative "celebrity threat management" position the minute it doesn't look too tacky to retire. Jeffrey Dunn will have a very early retirement and he and his little brownshirt,John Gregozek, will then get to laugh their way all the way to the bank.

 Not only will these con artists get very rich very soon they will get to hang out with big shot celebrities. This is what the Detectives in the TMU are there for. They are there to protect and serve a really nifty scheme to get their LAPD badges to make them a fortune when they then seek out employment with firms like Gavin Debecker. Halle Berry and Sharon stone and Mila Kunis and Marty Singer will only give them recommendations. Even Tig Notaro will tell her friends that these guys will do anything for even an obscure psychopath if Marty tells them to.

Accountability and censure don't serve to deter such chilling malfeasance since so many judges(kerlin, villar de longoria, vanderet, landin, martinez, maria stratton, samantha philips jessner, gerald rosenberg, fruin, mark mooney) are also posing as public servants when in fact they are as corrupt and lawless as it gets.  If say the innocent victims of this kind of racket don't submit to the ambitions of these scoundrels, then they even have doctors on board . These doctors, Dr. Kaushal Sharma, and Dr. Franscisco Velarde, are there to destroy the credibility of the credible accusers. Get the accusers labeled as nutjobs and threaten them with Patton if they don't back down. Hell, take a page from the dark ages play book , and have Judge Maria Stratton get them to be "forcibly medicated."

Judge Maria Stratton is a "respected" member of the bar .What an asset she is now that she has become so corrupted. Richard Fruin will see "Maria Elena Stratton" involved and dismiss anything and everything. Surely, her and her husband, Paul Sadowsky, wouldn't be involved in such evil. It's an impressive racket, in many ways. So many on board. So many that it stretches credulity. The  witnesses will look like a paranoid schizophrenics. Until, they don't.

Too Kafka, too Grisham. I know. It is all unbelievable and they count on that. But, it's all true and I know L.A can't afford other Rampart scandal. The  FBI has left and that oversight is sorely missing. Everyone needs to believe that the LAPD finally has cleaned up their act. But, they have not. And, absent oversight, chillingly dangerous criminals such as Jeffrey Dunn ,John Gregozek, and  James Hoffman are free to pursue their fortunes on the broken backs of law abiding citizens.
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