Friday, January 4, 2013

Open letter to harridan and los angeles city attorney, Elizabeth Mitchell

I see you on my blog. I see your IP again. You have looked 24 times, just from you office, at the los angeles city attorneys.

Seeing your IP  causes images of that fucked up bulldog mixed with Ruth Buzzi mug of yours to enter my lovely head space, and it makes me want to lose my lunch. I've lost enough due to your kind, and I would like to keep my lunch, thank you very much, Ms. Mitchell.

So you don't have to waste more city funds on googling Ruth Buzzi, your doppelganger, I'll insert a pic of her.

Uncanny? Yes!

Please, please, stop wasting more of the city's money on reading this flaccid blog. One day,soon, the story will get told from top to bottom. Then, you'll need to spend  more of the people's money. Then, you can justify using city funds to read this here blog.

 But, just now, it's obscene.  You and the other shitty attorneys of Los Angeles, Felise" Mountains of Backfat" Kalpakian, Martin " I unbenched my father and am slowly killing off my whole family" Boags and Jennifer "Occupy LA corruption prosecutor and general yenta witch" Waxler, Bernie " I have no ethics" Brown and Kelly " I'll add any charge you like Detective sausage" Boyer have wasted enough already, don't you think?  You are a bunch of cruddy criminals and karma is watching you. Till Karma smites you good, I think it's pitiful that Elizabeth Mitchell sits in her office on a Friday and reads this blog . Oh well, it's a free country, and she can knock herself out, and I can tell the blogosphere that the Los Angeles City Attorney's office is filled with creeps, criminals, and kooks. Let me make it clear, Elizabeth Mitchell.  You are the least rotten of those mentioned, relatively speaking. I have no doubt you'd sink to the occassion, just like them, but in my case-- you weren't put in that position and the rotteness you displayed pales in comparison with what Boags and Gregozek were willing to do and did do in the case. You just acted like a whiny and nasty teen rather than a graceful woman, and it was annoying as hell but you clearly were following orders and so on the contempt scale you don't rank as high as you might otherwise. You were dishonest and graceless and you got dangerous criminals off the hook, but sadly, you come out smelling much better than monsters like Judge Maria Stratton and Boags etc.

 Yes, so you can look at my blog all day, dear. Cause,  it is supposed to be a free country, Elizabeth Mitchell. I know you and your deranged client, John Gregozek, don't think it is a free country, and that he and Dunn and Hoffman think that they can act as fascist pigs, but, it is still theoretically supposed to be a free country. When a lot of Americans(and others) find out about what you and your depraved clients have done -- your clients will be sent to Siberia. I would elect that they sent them to Guantanamo, but Siberia, or even Syria, will suffice.
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