Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nick Kroll gets Alexaner Moreno to railraod the lady who dared write a negative post about someone who had just falsely accused her of a host of crimes... hmmmm

Just a heads up to Trutanich and Tig Notaro supporters, and everyone in between. Serial Slanderer, staunch defamater, and Cancer slaying sweetheart, Mathilde "Tig" Notaro, is taking a break from her pursuit of fame, and her anti free speech activism to launch her official endorsement page of certain Los Angeles entities. You will be touched to see that she comes out in support of even Alissa Sterling, the deputy public defender, that Notaro long didn't appreciate. She nearly gushes over the whole Public Defender's office and how they were soooo generous with her. Robin Ginsburg and Michael Hoagie get a heart breaking shout out. Notaro, in her signature style, praises the alleged adversaries. It's hilarious and horrifying. In short, it is awesome.

 Her personal attorney, Alliso Hart, of the famed law firm, Lavely and Singer, is monitoring comments and crafting cease and desist letters, so comments will be open, but in a very limited capacity. If comments are deemed uncomplimentary, the LAPD's Threat Management Unit will be alerted and then will take the necessary steps, that  will assure convictions Comments that are deemed particularly unflattering will result in long prison sentences as well as other extreme punitive measures. Judge Robert Vanderet, and Judge Kathleen Solarzano, are at their service. Maybe, it's cause Marty Singer is the savior of the guy who appointed them, Governor Shwartzenegger, or maybe it's just cause Trutanich has it so under control. Hmmm.
Since the LAPD's Threat Management Unit liason's with the FBI, and Homeland Security, and the DOJ, and everyone in the legal or law enforcment community, it is advised that you not only leave supportive comments, but you like the page. Alexander Moreno will not be necessary if hatas stay far away. Here is Alexander AKA Sam Moreno's CV, if you think that Ms. Notaro and her profoundly zealous counsel are messing around.

 Sam or Alexander Moreno, has long recovered, from being exposed as a scammer and a liar in Case 8CA10541- The people vs. Alisa Spitzberg, and he is ready to falsely testify against any friend or client of  Jeffrey Dunn and Marty Singer. Hell, they throw awesome parties. Once he fully realized that Marty Singer, Carmen, and Jeff had made it so the they owned the whole system-- he truly relaxed. He's neurotic,but also has a fine sense of humor . Sam and Dirty City Attorney, Bernie Brown, are often seen nude and wearing lampshades at Marty Singers's, "Free Speech is for Pussies," yearly gala. Rumors that Los Angeles deputy city attorneys, Marty Boags and Jennifer Waxler, participated in a particularly obscene public orgy in Jay Lavely's guest house, are, as of yet, unfounded. As are the rumors that deputy city attorney, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Felise Kalpakian, pled to take part, and were rudely rebuffed. Almost half of city hall and a large percent of all law enforcement has been implicated in these Roman style displays. Tax payer money used, of course.

Well, I sure did go on a tangent. Please check out Tig Notaro's sure to go viral facebook pages asap.!

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