Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tig Notaro gives more advice to the Los Angeles City Attorneys office

Hey Carmen and my dear DCA's,
I know you paid a big settlement to the people who got shot up ,because of the LAPD's craziness and Dorner. I know that you guys have a lot of money. And, I know that my man, Carmen, is tanking. If he loses the run off, Marty Singer, will have to count on Mike Feur and Marty doesn't yet know how dirty he is. Let's not take chances. Very few know about how loaded the City Attorney is -- how much Lavely and Singer, and the other law firms give them, if they prosecute those who have civil cases against Marty's clients. You guys have a war chest that is off the charts. Judge Richard Fruin saved you millions, as did Judge Robert Vanderet and Judge Solarzono . Those judges make sure enemies of us hot celebs lose all rights in our the courts etc. The pro celeb advocacy is off the charts and is hella effective.Sooo my advice is to bribe even more judges. People are being lied to about how poor the city is, and would think it bizarre that the city attorney is on Alisa's blog everyday, but we know how much money they have . I will always donate to human cancer charities such as the City Attorney. LoL, I ain't called a comedian for nuthin. Allison Hart will donate a huge chunk too. If you could bribe Judge Maria Stratton then it's a cinch, cuz she's supposed to have been some "good guy" at one time.

More later but listen to me cuz I know how to go far with nothing but my evil ways,

Tig "The thing" Notaro.

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