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Carmen Trutanich wins City Attorney seat at last minute:Mike Feuer declared incompetent for city attorney by Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Samantha Jessner

L.A politicos and Trutanich detractors  and supporters, watched in awe as Tru snatched victory from the jaws of humiliating defeat, right before election day. It was looking grim for Nuch, and his henchman. Regime benefactors AKA dirty Deputy City Attorneys, Martin Boags, Bradley Rothenberg,Elizabeth Mitchell, Jennifer Waxler, Bernie Brown, Felise Kalpakian, and Katie Ford were poised to submit applications to become prison guards, before their competency coup.

 Not only had Carmen made himself look a horrible fool when breaking more promises by running for, and losing the DA's race, he now he faced the unconscionable prospect of being unceremoniously rejected as City Attorney. Tru knew from experience that failure, even in the face of all evidence and odds, could be forestalled if one didn't suffer the constraints of a conscience.

After conferring with Felise " I go to synagogue even when a sociopath," Kalpakian and Jennifer " I'd sell my children for a promotion" Waxler over a Croatian feast catered by Judge Richard Fruin's children, Carmen was graced with a resolution.

The resolution to turn impending disgrace into success was solidified when Martin Boags arrived . Marty Boags gave his insights as well as his blessings. He had disgraced himself and his father and disgrace was something he had his fill of. You see, Trutanich loyalist, and avid  yet dim student of Stalin, Marty Boags, had not only unbenched his own father, Charles Boags, due to his moral turpitude issues, and then had to be just a city attorney when he sought the more prestigious DA position, but he been foiled and even embarrassed by Alisa Spitzberg in 2010 in Case 8CA10541. Yet, he, Stratton, and the rest of the gang, weren't imprisoned and Richard Fruin had made sure that justice was denied the Spitzbergs and escape from prosecution was granted him and his cronies.   Boag's had even made the mistake of telling everyone it was "wrapped up," when in fact god had other ideas in the Spitzberg case. Who could blame Boags his confidence. He had good cause to believe that his scheme would succeed, and he'd be a hero to those who had long ago sold their souls to the devil, at a discount. I'll insert just some of the motive behind the scheme below. But, before, let's focus on how Tru was able to win the city attorney seat, at the last minute, by having Mike Feuer incompetent to fill any position due to insanity and such.

Here's a blow by blow of how it went down:

step 1.
 Martin Boags, son of disgraced judge Charles Boags calls soon to be disgraced judges Karla Kerlin, Judge Samantha Jessner, and Robert Vanderet. All have proven willing to destroy a human being, for fun and profit, and so Boag's is confident they will play along, once again.  They agree and even giggle together.

Step 2:

Jessner is present at some court date, Trutanich, arranges. She is urged by Jennifer Waxler and Felise Kalpakian to declare a doubt to Feuer's sanity at an ex parte that leaves the insipid public defenders, gasping. No evidence necessary-- collateral or otherwise. Kerlin and Vanderet are there in case anything falls through before Judge Maria Stratton seals the deal in Division 95.

Step 3.

There Stratton orders Dr. Kaushal Sharma, or Dr. Franciso Velarde, or Dr. Kristin Ochoa and Sabrina Dibaggio to write some falsified statements. Either one will do and since Feuer had no time to fight, a feckles or corrupt public defender wont' put up any fight for this unfortunate client.

Step 4.
Presto. Carmen strides into city hall, to regain control of his war on free speech and pot dispensaries, and protesters, and foes of sociopathic celebrities or celebrity wannabes(Tig Notaro)Billboard owners quake in fear since judges have been jailing them on commands from Carmen, and the press isn't even mentioning this detail about the judge who granted the 1 million dollar bail. Talk of an 18 point lead and Mike Feuer prevailing over Trutanich, was but a tiny obstacle, when former federal public defender, Maria Elena Stratton, has made their "bellyache" her own. She swiftly accept Francisco Velarde's half a page "report" as gospel and Mike Feuer now resides in Patton or Gateways, and is forcibly medicated to boot.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek gets shorter, meaner, and fatter,while L. A burns.

 The end.

After the end, some before, and more detail

 Judge Samantha Jessner had fun agreeing to declare a doubt to Mike Feuer's sanity when Felise Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler told her it was a good political move for her at an ex parte bench conference. Judge Samantha Jessner finds it hilarious that she has been selected to sign fraud search warrants and falsify competency matters. The idea that a vicious idiot like her has the power to get innocent defendants sent away to insane asylums is so pleasurable, that she hopes that she can do it again soon from the civil courts. Judge Jessner finds it  annoying that others display disgust by her not even bothering to pretend to follow any law or to even refer to one page of collaterall data before sending off these pests to their destruction.

Then, Jessener screwed up and vacated it the order but no worries-- Boags and Gregozek knew Kaushal Sharma and Dick Vagnozzi, and were dear friends with Karla Kerlin, , Robert Vanderet, and Maria Stratton. Stratton would get an eager uncertified doctor by the name, Francisco Velarde, on board . Boags and Trutanich and the rest would claim promotion worthy victories. DCA Elizabeth Mitchell would be so happy she'd god knows what. Perversity at city attorney parties galore. Promotions on top of plaudits for these shark fed piranhas.

John Gregozek and James Hoffman of the LAPD's threat management manufacturing unit repeatedly submitted reports and then search warrants in an effort to railroad Alisa Spitzberg into a wrongful conviction. They would write the verbatim lies told them by Mathilde "Tig" Notaro on April 30th 2008, despite the fact that they both learned that everything she said had been a malicious lie. They submitted this to the city atttorney in August of 2008 to get not only a stalking charge brought but an arrest warrant and a charge for violation of a restraining order. This post will only deal with the police were called and came lie, but please look at every allegation made by Notaro and Stef Willen, and how it would be presented by John Gregozek, with the blessings of his supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn.

When Marty "I unbenched my own dad," Boags discovered this in re
Boags realized he'd have to get all dark ages. in September of 2009, after Boags ordered the records that Gregozek purposely did not, and after Gregozek had signed reports and search warrants stating as fact that the police were called, and came, and such police were witnessed by Tig Notaro and Micheal Griffee and Mark Flanagan, it was clear that Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek had not only lied in order to get charges filed but had lied under oath in perjured affidavits to get search warrants. Note too that Tig Notaro had lied about Stef Willen being present and that such a discovery of such a lie was made on August 14th 2008 according to Gregozek and yet he never produced one witness statment about making such a discovery. The discovery by Boags that they (the city attorney) had been lied to in such an extreme way required his civil law participation. As of September 14th 2009, Boags saw that not only was win at trial  impossible in case 8CA10541, but it would be shown that sham charges and a sham restraining order were secured by Gregozek on command of Marty Singer of Lavely and Singer. This not only assured an acquittal for Alisa Spitzberg, but it opened up a scandalous can of worms and/or a Pandora's box that would cost the city millions, if opened. But, not just civil liability was at stake: Criminal acts had now been committed by John Gregozek, James Hoffman, and Jeffrey Dunn, as well as Notaro and Stef Willen and Michael Griffee and Kevin Seccia. Mark Flanagan would lie to a prosecutor but never lied under oath, since he did not show up to court.
Boag's recognized that this Alisa was no dummy, and saw much of it. Little did he know she only understood a half of it, at that stage. Her family too was sharp, and now they faced three women who refused to submit to their twisted and sick idea of law enforcement.All their arrogant presumptions based on previous ability to get away with trampling those they saw as powerless, were put to the test. All had to be done to win both the criminal case and subvert the civil claims that naturally would follow. Not to mention what would happen if word really got out. Martin Boags set the wheels in motion. He was either ordered by Carmen Trutanich(via Bernie Brown) to do what he would do, or he just gave his blessings.
Any reasonable person would wonder and then the wonder would turn to realizations that something is very wrong with the LAPD's Threat Management Unit and the office of the city attorney. Anyone with the resources to launch even a minor investigation would see that John Gregozek , Jeffrey Dunn, James Hoffman et al had set Alisa Spitzberg up on the commands of Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. Now, this Alisa was threatening to sue and to expose them.... Hmmm. That had to be stopped.... More later, cause I escaped!

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