Friday, March 14, 2014

Listen up All basketball fans! The Kroll show, and Christian La Du, wants you!

The Non Elite whatever day it is that a post might show up AKA Swine Effluvia- has a scoop on the hottest scoop in The Elite Daily's history-

The scoop on the Scoop? Christian LA DU better expect a Pulitzer nod come awards time for his piercing promo of the Kroll Show.

Vassar Grad, Mr. La Du, might have been responsible for the average viewership quotes supplied by major Hollywood publications as detailed here:

Perhaps La Du's  impassioned appeal to all basketball fans, led to a boatload of basketball fans

 heeding his call... that  would justify the 1.1 average viewership numbers cited.

I will find the ratings on that episode to see ... ASAP. If it pulled about 2 mil - I'll print a retraction that will shake the world's stock markets OR NOT.

It's hard even for non generation Y(the intended audience of "Elite Daily.") to not answer to La Du's clarion call i.e.

A must see for all basketball fans!

My guess is that Kroll

would be happy with  less than all Basketball fans who are Neilsen family members. Badminton fans at this point.

 Have a Neilsen box,

 and Kroll will not be choosy if you are but a  foosball fan.

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