Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll's special Talk show host, Peter Holmes, also gets renewed despite dire reviews and ratings....

And, only my lame little blog will discuss it. When I discovered that Nick Kroll was having his Kroll Show ratings cooked and that Nellie Andreeva of Deadline Hollywood, and other supposedly reliable press sources were playing along... Well, you'd think that would be a story. http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/03/kroll-show-ratings-issues-have-arisen.html

Alas, Nick Kroll is going to try and fake it till the bitter end. And you'd think that Tig Notaro would have self destructed, under the weight of her own wickedness by now. It's a matter of time is getting to be a tiresome premise.

Alas, the quest continues.

Today, I came upon such a tasty podcast where Nick Kroll says some interesting things(interesting to me, at least.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ktFqIC9c2Q

I only listened the first half,but it was enough. More than enough. At least, I was spared this unwholesome sight:

and had only to hear his monotone droning, and then him being totally abusive to Holmes too. Wildly so. Telling him how annoying his laugh is, and directing him not to cover certain topics. Doing so publicly. I doubt he'll be so public with his directives since I started exposing his lizard face to some scrutiny. I can see why hes sees Tig Notaro as his dearest friend. Two arrogant untalented bullies were sure to bond.

It seems as if Peter Holmes is a pawn in Kroll's grand schemes, yet his level of complicity is still unclear.

 In this podcast he either is dumb, or is playing dumb. My guess is that when this was taped, he was dumb. i.e was not fully understanding who Nick Kroll is and how he was playing into his plans. Two years later, I'm sure he has a very good idea as to why he is getting talk shows- when he has no resume to speak of. Let's not even get into talent and stage presence.I'll let the picture above paint that picture. Maybe, Holmes is just gullible good guy. I don't pretend to know. Whatever the case with Holmes, I have zero doubt that he is being played by Kroll and is a pawn in Kroll's bizzarro ideas of success.

Holmes brings up Kroll's privileged upbringing, and Kroll jumps in with a bunch of omissions. His dad does "good work" and fights corruption, no less. He fails to say that his father and him and brother are the poster children for causing corruption. He fails to tell Peter Holmes that he himself used John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn to get ahead by impressing scary lesbian, Tig Notaro. He doesn't tell Holmes about how he had also instigated a kickstarter and cancer scam with Notaro. He fails to express his submission of a vicious and false statement to prosecutors in an effort to get someone railroaded into jail for 7 years, because he could. He doesn't tell Holmes that he hooked up Notaro with his "special police' buddies at the LAPD's Threat Management and proceeded to try and bury a dignified and talented person, alive.

 Kroll continues to tell Holmes, and any listener- that though he comes from weatlth, he had absolutely no Hollywood connections.  A self made made with a nice background, in other words. He's setting the stage for his self named show. He is keen enough to understand that it might be problematic if the truth about his influence is known.

Now, if Sue Kroll, the head of Warner Brothers is not his aunt(or a relative of any kind_ then the easy nexus isn't there. But, Nick Kroll fails to tell Holmes that Bill Bratton, the chief of the LAPD, is a chairman of Kroll. He fails to mention that Kroll is a feared and very well known name when it comes to the security of celebrities in L.A and NY, and also in Miami and elsewhere.Nick fails to say that he as connected as it gets when it comes to Hollywood connections. He can make or break, anyone- literally. Nick Kroll fails to note any of this  His family's premier name in "risk management" or "litigation support," alone makes them capable of having immense power and their reputation(amongst those in the know) of ruthlessness makes them feared beyond reason.

Kroll doens't mention that his father is the Chairman of Kroll O'Gara and has President Obama on speed dial cause Kroll is responsible for Obama's security. So, when Nick Kroll wanted a career in comedy, it was his for the asking. But a career wasn't enough for this cretin, he wanted to fabricate how his career appeared to.

And, that is where Kroll's manipulation of the press savvy comes in. Google "Kroll Journalist," and have your jaw drop at how many seemingly reputable journalists who answer to these Kroll behemoths.

And  the lesson of this story, ladies and gentlemen is that Nick Kroll's non stop manipulations and machinations have devastated my life, and now he's going to have to learn some hard lessons. Or, he won't have to learn any. We'll see.

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