Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nick Kroll is a sucky monster anyway you spin it.

So, I wake up and check the stat counter and it's 1989 hits. I see that a lot of the hits are coming by way of twitter. I look a little closer and find this:

And, there of course are these twisty liars trying to misrepresent what I say. I am so used to this it's scary. Now I'm not just "crazy," I'm accusing Nick Kroll of being Illuminati and of having anything to do with 9/11. I'm even a jealous antisemite, in this brave new world.

Such baseless assumptions are all these idiots have. It's almost interesting. For any record: I never heard of this Illuminati business, until six months ago, and now that I read a bit about it - I just got to see that it is obvious that some have sold their sold to the devil, but I can't buy into anything that involves aliens or satanic rituals. I have a nearly impossible time believing in vast amounts of people getting together to do bad things. But, it does happen.  Starlets and wannabes to fame,  have a long history of selling their souls, but I just can't see them using signs or rituals. Then again, I've learned that anything is possible so ...

I compared Nick Kroll to lizard in one post, having no idea that these Illuminati theories involve "Lizard People." For the record: I think Nick Kroll looks like a lame lizard, but I had no idea about Lizard people when I compared him to a lizard. As for 9/11- I always thought anyone entertaining any conspiracy thoughts about this was insane.

When I learned of Kroll, I began noting a whole lot of coincidences, but that does not translate into investing in any "conspiracy theories." In my case, 8CA10541, and the others whose numbers I forget- there was an actual conspiracy. No doubt about it ,and Nick Kroll is behind it, and that will be shown to the satisfaction of any sane and decent human. Basically, he pulled strings and fixed cases and he used a massive amount of tax payer money to decimate law abiding and good human beings. His ugly choices led to mind blowing pain and damage, and it led to the death of a heroic whistleblower named Jacqeline Montalvo. It's both mind blowing and as heart-breaking as it gets.

Am I a jealous anti-semite? Well, I've never been jealous of anyone, and I surely can't be an anti-semite. In fact, I was a very pro Isreal person with Neo- Con leanings before I learned of Kroll, only maybe four months ago. Now, I'm just dealing with major cognitive dissonance as I try to sort out what 's true and what's not.

At first, I was appalled by these strange internet creatures who crawled out to spread lies, but after seeing this desperate attempt to discredit, non stop for over five years... It's just tired. You really can pretty much adjust to anything. Hell, Nick Kroll made it so Ron Bunches doesn't have to be on foodstamps, and he funds many careers ( Stephanie Allyne in particular,) and so of course he'll get strangers willing to attack another stranger.

 Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro, and those they engaged in their frauds don't want certain truths to come out.  They don't want people to know that they hatched a really sick plan in April of 2008.  A plan that involved perjury, subornation of perjury, slander, obstruction of justice, railroading, and gaslighting galore. It's not great for image when you set up people and use the criminal courts to help Tig Notaro with "reputational managemet," ( A Kroll specialty,)

When Nick and Tig Notaro's ugly lies were about to see the light of day- in a lawsuit - Nick to came back to the rescue and they giggled like old schoolgirls as they hatched a cancer and kickstarter scam while furiously working behind the scenes so the lawsuit would be sabotaged. Due to Nick Kroll's astounding connections- such scams, schemes, plots- call it what you will- have been much more successful than they should  be. Nick Kroll just lives in dirty land, and can't seem to do anything honestly. It's too scary and wicked to be just disgusting.

They both know about all the evidence- about Heidi Feigin and the how Tig Notaro made up police being called at arriving at a "scene" and how she lied about everything and did so with the counsel of Nick Kroll. They know that a witness that was set to expose Nick Kroll for the evil, wasteful,vicious, monster he is died three days after she chose to be a whistleblower against Jules Kroll's youngest son. 

Nick Kroll wasn't even present at the Improv on April 29th 2008, and yet he volunteered that he was the star witness who could get me sent away for 7 years.  He submitted a statement on January 21st 2010, and he basically said all these criminal things occurred and he witnessed them. Well, he never was even there! On February 23rd 2010, Jacqueline Montalvo, the bravest and best of the best- came in to say that she'd be a witness that disputed everything alleged by Nick Kroll and Notaro and John Gregozek, and so many others, who just kept repeating long disproven lies. Why? Because Gregozek wanted a job with Kroll and so it went.

This magnificent hero, Jacqueline Montalvo, would have smashed open the Pandora's box that Kroll needed shut. And, so three days later, she was dead.
John Gregozek said " What could I do, you sued her" as the reason he was pressing for bogus criminal charges. He also said,  "stay off the internet and you legal troubles will be over." He worked for Kroll just as this guy did.

And, what was done to me is nearly identical (nearly because in my case- there was no love triangle so they invented a very sloppy and stupid one out of thin air) to what was done to Ian Puddick by the Krolls-

And, I probably will end up like Richard Chang-

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