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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  12:11 PM
Nick Kroll's henchman,Harris Wittels, is the dregs of the Universe. Only the likes of Don Sterling can compete with filth like Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll, and Harris Wittels. OMG why do so many vile vile creatures exist?

You need to believe in a god when faced with such human filth. OMG.
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  11:13 AM
Ah, I'm left with my right to free speech. IAnd, I need to use it more.

 I didn't plea, all charges dismissed in rare dispositions,  and despite all attempts to shut me up,I didn't shut up. A strange and sad victory- but a victory nonetheless.

Doesn't mean that such a right was not met with a world of injustice and lawlessness, and that the risk of that happening again is more likely than remote.

Being maliciously prosecuted, jailed and smeared beyond recognition ,and worse, is what happens when Nick Kroll's BFF ( self named Tig) has a vendetta. Time will tell, if he is a good friend to have,or a friend from the bowels of hell.

 I'd go with the latter because I feel sure that Karma, and I, will make sure that their astounding crimes will come to haunt them in a big way. The abuse of the legal system and the arrogance and cruelty they showed throughout..... Something else.

To my endless surprise, the Los Angeles city attorney read the damned blog again-- Yesterday!
Was it Katie " the fraud." Ford, or is Jennifer " ethics are for losers," Waxler reading it?

Hmmm, maybe it was the poor man's Nick Kroll -- Martin Boags. Perhaps it was flabby fitness expert/malicious to the point of insanity prosecutor Felise Cohen Kalpakian. Or, was it the gruesome  cover up artist/litigator - Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell?

Ooh, Kroll and Trutanich's henchmen and hench woman did a number on me.

Gee whiz they know how big what they did to me is, and they must be waiting and waiting for that other shoe to drop. Drop, dear shoe. Drop. Please.

And, because I escaped with my right to free speech AKA I didn't plead and all bogus chargers were dismissed in very rare dispositions(that indicated malicious prosecution,)
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  10:21 AM
More fun on my Nick Kroll-centric blog! Having to BATTLE such unfunny bastards is serious business.
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  9:16 AM
The Washington Post vs. The Washington City Paper? Who would you trust? Or, let the local comics eat cake. Blap Blap Blap?
It has come to my ATTENTION that Nick Kroll is writing checks to "journalists" as a means to impart the appearance of success. Nick Kroll is not just an untalented comedian --who has the assets to falsify success in the press...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  7:46 AM
Every day,  or ten times a day, we should praise our experts on expertise AKA Kroll Ontrack Kroll Inc. Kroll Inernational, Kroll O'Gara Kroll Zolfo Cooper, Kroll Forensic Labarotories, Kroll Investigatins, Kroll Fraud Reports, Kroll Mid East, Kroll Credit and Bond ratings, Altegrity, Kroll tower Cranes, Kroll LLP or LLC,Kroll Kroll Corp, Kroll Pharmacy software, and SUCH.

In the history of our( nearly destroyed,) Empire, there has never been such mastery of ambiguous expertise, or is it expertise in mastery, or both? Or, is it neither, and is the impression of mastery wholly manufactured by the members of the press who said, "yes," to Krollian compensation?

Selling your soul to the Kroll is trending! http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-krolls-excel-at-absolutely.html

Here's  one who said, "No."  http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/08/a-spy-in-the-jungle/60770/
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 10:15 AM
Ah what a wicked web Nick Kroll, Stef Willen, and Tig Notaro have woved(woven? weaved?)

Beth Shorr is really a Beth Reddick, and she and  her brother George Reddick have  agreed to lie and cover up for her childhood friend, Mathilde "tig" Notaro.http://www.celebritynetworth.com/film/m/0gxbgf4/

George was dragged in to bear false witness  for Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll's vicious stalking scheme, and Beth Reddick was dragged into to pretend she takes Tig Notaro to non existent doctors appointments when Nick and Tig "laughed so hard" at the cancer scam they'd come up with.

  Lesley Wolf backed out of lying for Tig at the last minute in the stalking scame.She was listed as a key witness but then that whole thing was dropped and no one would talk to her to find out why she was listed as a witness and yet no one would contact her to get any statement. You see, Nick Kroll, made it so nothing made sense if you didn't realize what strings he was pulling, behind the scenes.

Same for Leslie Spann. She clearly was not willing to lie for Notaro, but she wasn't willing to come forward and tell the truth either.  Both Spann and George Redick got to be on Tig Notaro's podcast " Professor Blastoff" and I guess they must have gotten other perks from Nick Kroll.

Now, who the hell is "Ashley Scott" and Kristina Goolsby" and the guy who is said to produce, " Hello, I have Cancer." (can't remember is name this second.) Well, Lynn and Jules Kroll supposedly have funded a film where Ashley Scott and Kristina Goolsby follow Tig Notaro around as she battles cancer AND tries to have a baby?

 I guess after "Have Tig at your party," was such smash hit, Kristina Goolsby was a natural pick....http://www.celebritynetworth.com/film/m/0gxbgf4/

My educated guess:  Lynn and Jules Kroll have used fake "filmakers" to prop up Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro's cancer scam. Wow again!
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 9:50 AM
Susan Korda gets a big grant from the Lynn and Jules Kroll documentary fund. Well, Lynn's maiden name is Korda... You'd think they'd mention if she's a relation.

blatant Nepotism or not, at least she did a film that was related to Jewish Culture.

 Not the case with their grant to deranged shiksa cancer scam, Tig Notaro, for her cancer scam doc with their son, Nick. Whatta world! http://jewishculture.org/american-academy-in-jerusalem/


Catapult is funded by Jules and Lynn Kroll.
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 9:23 AM
Jules and Lynn Kroll's documentary fund for.... their son's cancer scams?
Whatever happened to cancer comedian, Mathilde "Tig" Notaro's documentaries? Well, that's what I asked myself, yesterday. It's hardly of interest to 99.9 percent of the rest of the world.  Did they go the way of the webseries, that was pulled by Entertainme...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 26, 2014
The Washington Post spins for the one percent-- who want careers in comedy. NO JOKE!

Extra Extra.  Extra times a million Extras! Extraaah!

Not only is Nick Kroll the scion to power, and wealth( beyond imagining,)but Amy Schumer is the first cousin of Senator Chuck Schumer(a great friend to the one percent,and a great friend of Jules Kroll- Nick's dad.) Both get insanely artificial admiration from NPR and many other outlets that rely on donations.

Then, for whatever strange reason,  you start noting that way too many kids of  business titans are being touted as celebrities when they have  no real history of any show biz success.... HMMM.

What are the odds that so many( I won't name names until I'm positive of some unwholesome relationship to Nick Kroll) comedy and acting stars have fathers who are millionaires or billionaires,?  If not, they are somehow in Kroll's debt as he plays comedy mega mogul.  He even fixes court cases for his select business prospects.

Give that clown a cigar, for god's sake. Put a glass of scotch in his meaty paw, and let's stop pretending he's a comedian.

If they had talent, then godspeed to them for having an easy in. I've never begrudged any talented half human person anything.

 But, when they have no talent ( Nick Kroll, in particular,) and they keep wheeling and dealing to make themselves look much more successful than they are... and they screwed you( and the taxpayers) over in such an astounding way... well, it's beyond annoying...

When you realize that Nick Kroll is  getting his ratings fudged by "reputable" publications, and he's actually set up some pawn/Shell/ front talk show host( Peter Holmes) to promote his every project(and the projects of "comedy friends" he sees as assets,)  Annoying is no longer the word.

His arguments can only be, and so have been:  "they are reputable publications"    " You are crazy."   Or, " You are crazy and not a reputable publication so no one will believe you over my REPUTABLE publications."

Well, they are not as reputable as one might think, when hungry freelancers are shown the kroll treatment(http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/08/a-spy-in-the-jungle/60770/

Also google "Politico Kroll" And " Noah Chesnutt Kroll" for a bit more on the long standing bribery of journalists when Kroll is involved.

 And, I'm only crazy in that " you so crazy i want to have your baby," way. Snap etc. But, this is all clearly so much bigger than me.

It's a bit much, google plus people.

Bonus not so fun fact for  ESPN and Sports fans of all sorts -- Roger Bennett is married to Nick Kroll's sister. That's why he keeps popping up in sports venues when he also tries to sell himself as a darling of the intelligentsia.( Google LA Review of Books and Kroll, and have your mind blown if you then see the show, and realize it's all a hugely obese crock.)

And, if you ever get the chance/druthers/reason  to wonder why the hell the Paley Center put up a two hour special show( Seth Myers as host) devoted to Nick Kroll's truly lousy tv show, well Rabbi Michael Paley officiated over another sister's wedding....He's a Family friend and the Kroll's donate a lot to the Paley Center.

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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 26, 2014
Tig Notaro's Bentzen Ball Bonus Bonanza: Nick Kroll's one percenterer press shenanigans are the star of that show
 "Reputable" publication, New York Times, and "reputable" reporter
Andrew Goldman doesn't get it right, when it comes to Nick Kroll and Tig
Notaro(Kroll's self professed "best and oldest comedy friend" who "he'd
do anything for.") Let's just tackle one m...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 23, 2014
Tribute to It Boy, brave comedy fan, and intrepid reporter for Mother Jones - Andy Kroll.

Soon to be a full fledged bio (released by The press is a mess Publishing.- A sister company of Kroll's parent's subsidary acquisition.)
Andy Kroll and Nick Kroll   I still can't find out if "Darky Money" reporter,"Andy Kroll is related to my favorite Krolls.- Nick Kroll et al. He certainly looks like he could be a relation, but that doesn't mean much. Aside ...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 22, 2014
lots of hits to this post. when oh when will the evil and unfunny team of tig notaro and nick kroll get BUSTEDhttp://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/02/as-tig-notaros-scams-continue-did-tig.html
Online, a few screennamed entitities have had a stock answer to  allegations that a "Tig" Notaro  has faked cancer. This stock answer is  "She had a double mastectomy." Never can they successfully counter the kickstarter and ...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 22, 2014
Jordan Sowumin of Vice is right about infiltration, but he's wrong about the show being a hit. http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/01/review-of-kroll-show.html

In fact, the real ratings are half of what have been reported. It strikes me as astounding that billions of dollars and amazing levels of connections can get "reputable" publications to fudge even your ratings. And, so we are stuck with terrible comedies, as Nick Kroll's wheels and deals with his assorted frauds.
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 21, 2014
hi google plus. you actually suspended this account for 2 weeks. I bet you got some scary cease and desist letters from you know who(can't say or i'll get suspended for good and have to start up another account.) oh well, I forgive you google plus. You've been on the up and up, mostly.http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/08/a-spy-in-the-jungle/60770/
How an American company tried to lure a young journalist into a life of corporate espionage
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Apr 20, 2014
Open letter to New York, and the world! Re: Bill Bratton and Kroll
  Yo, New York! Born in Brooklyn, and grew up in Queens here. Got stuck with the accent, even. With Bill Bratton is Chief, justice will only be available to the one percent. http://www.thenation.com/article/177505/dismantling-myth-bill-brattons-lapd#  I'm r...
  Yo, New York! Born in Brooklyn, and grew up in Queens here. Got stuck with the accent, even. With Bill Bratton is Chief, justice will only be available to the one percent. http://www.thenation.com/article/177505/dismantling...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  12:06 PM
Harris Wittels is a vile piece of shit who belongs in hell
Sorry, the title isn't too temperate. I have avoided posting the deeply vicious and evil slander that Nick Kroll ordered Harris Wittels, Scott Boxenbaum( and then a host of other abject strangers) to spread all over the internet. I have avoided a lot, becau...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  10:58 AM
The City Attorney's office of Los Angeles is a cesspool of cruel and unusual cretins-- They damage beyond repair innocent people and they use tax payer money to read obscure blogs-- by outraged victims of thier Kroll bough justice.
28 Apr 03:33: 05 AM Chrome 34.0 MacOSX Los Angeles, California, United States Time Warner Cable ( [Label IP Address]   open.salon.com /blog/fernsy/2011/12/03/nazis_redux?fb _action _ids= 1469368773277160 & fb_action _types =og.likes & fb_source...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  10:18 AM
If Nick Kroll were funny....
http://www.washingtonpost.com/express/wp/2013/10/10/back-on-the-bentzen-ball/ A
part of a comment to be found in Alexa Hauk's, Washington City Paper,
piece really stuck out for me -- in relation to Nick Kroll, and to a
lesser degree -- Tig Notaro. The c...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  9:09 AM
Kroll and the "reputable publiction" gimmick
It has come to my ATTENTION that Nick Kroll is writing checks to "journalists" as a means to impart the appearance of success. Nick Kroll is not just an untalented comedian -who has the assets to falsify success in the press- he also is a Savvy Businessma...
It has come to my ATTENTION that Nick Kroll is writing checks to "journalists" as a means to impart the appearance of success. Nick Kroll is not just an untalented comedian --who has the assets to falsify success in the press...
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jane doenut

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 12:30 PM
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Stef Willen's Disaster, Literally.

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