Friday, October 23, 2015

Lois Lerner gets away with it and I know why........KROLL

And according to this article

This cover up was done on the cheap.

Contractor NameSigned DateObligation AmountDescription


 My theory on why the low ball figures: Very probably because such low numbers won't show up easily if searched for... This happened in the Nick Kroll produced and directed cases, in my case. The Lawfirm he uses as the public face of  the fraud - Lavely and Singer-would put these insanely low ball numbers when they'd illegally win their Slapp suits. 

All done so no these "victories" would not be found by those who might come across had they gone over the 5K that will provoke the courts to have to report it to outside agencies. So Allison Sievers is winning three Slapp suits for Tig Notaro, and charging less than 5K for each fixed win... Anyone who knows about SLAPP suits knows that the law-firms who win never request less than 5K.
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