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Jules Kroll- The world's busiest man. Even busier than his desperate fame whoring son, Nick Kroll

Kroll seems to have no problem advertising themselves as the leading company for a myriad of mega responsibilities - global risk management, litigation support, corporate investigations,due diligence , asset recovery-- global and national. compliance too. No 1 name in acquiring contracts with the government. Number 1,_Inc

Plenty of Wikipedia info too.

If one has reason to dig deeper,  they’ll soon see that Kroll claims to be leaders in credit ratings, bond ratings, litigation support, internet security products, employment readiness,  forensic accounting, advisory solutions, threat management, government security clearance, global cyber security and corporate intelligence,  background checks. They also supply ammo and other toys to law enforcement under thier Kroll O'Gara guise.  And, those claims-- of being trusted, rarely- if ever- have been held up to scrutiny. When scrutiny shows up, it soon disseapears and a few name changes take care of any lingering bad P.R.

Jack of all Trades or masters of way too much?
If that doesn’t sound like too many responsibilities, they have even expanded into forensics. They have forensic accounting services, and forensic lab services for drug and urine testing. Such results that might emerge from their Virginia and Louisiana drug testing labs have been relied upon by law enforcement, for years now.

Men and woman have been vindicated or imprisoned based on their lab results. They have a fat contract with California.
They have expanded such services all over America, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this Kroll lab business has spread throughout the world.

 Recently, a man named Eric Landon sued them for negligence .
He was a few short weeks from his five year long probation(for forgery) being up, and right before it was up they came, and took a random sample, and he tested positive. He has been so wary that he’d already gotten a result from another lab, and it was negative, but the court would not give that lab any credence for a long time to come. He was arraigned the day before his probation was set to expire.
From what I’ve gathered it is no longer in dispute that he should have tested negative. He is now representing himself in a suit in a NY court. He is suing the Louisiana Kroll lab. You can read more here:

Forensic negligence issues that destroy lives aside, Kroll has been called up on to investigate big business and big government for over four decades now. It takes only a cursory google search to reveal that American Governments, International goverments,  or big big business uses them often to investigate controversies. Their reports are legendary for those in the know.
Their branching out into forensic testing strikes me as unbearably ominous, but that could be bias talking since I recently digested that Jules Kroll’s son, Nick Kroll ,was the instigator of a five year odyssey of injustice, in my case.
And, yet so many have never heard of the Krolls.
I didn’t until two months ago, or at least I had no idea that the name “Kroll” in so many reports and mystifying statements, in my case, meant the world.

Here is a nice concise way for you to see what happened to me and my family. But, here there really was some sort of love triangle In my case they had to invent one-- to make it give any sense to the senselessnes. Otherwise, the story is step for step what happened to us.

(Nick Kroll was the name Tig Notaro chose as a key witness to events that never occurred, and one that she made her business for judges to see. All that happened hinged in his desire to impress her and get a show at Largo, and an easy entree into the "comedy world."  His name was the one who got her a fancy police unit to protect her interests -which were also Nick's interests. He recently told a Washington Post writer that Tig Notaro was his "oldest and best comedy friend" and he would do anything for her.  Then, when I chose to never plea when innocent, Nick Kroll, submitted the most vicious and false witness statement to the prosecution. Though we never saw him, and It is highly doubful that he was even there. For years we just assumed he was some wannabe comedian looking for easy gigs. Now, I've learned that the reason why a Scott Boxenbaum and a Harris Wittels were all over comedy message boards, urging anyone who would listen that I was a stalker who stalked "tons of female comedians all over the country," and had to be "shunned and banned" on sight was due to direct orders from Nick Kroll. Now I know why the public defender, Anan Desai, said to me on the first day, " What is going on in the comedy world. This case is a joke.")

Perhaps, the lack of name recognition in the 99% is due to the humbleness that this Huffington Post writer saw in heir to the throne, and well-reviewed actor,and comedian- Nick Kroll.
You can read more here and all over gawker, jezebel, the New York times.
Kroll employs big time journalists too. Google Kroll Journalists to get a sample.  So many investigative journalists now call Kroll- home. There are Pulitzer prize winning journalists who openly declare their new jobs with Kroll.
 Here’s one that wouldn’t bite. I urge you to give it a read. It doesn't cover the half of it , but it does express what has become of so much of our press:

This  1998 article in Business week gives the novice Kroll researcher a nice sense of how vast is their influence
In the late 1970s, he helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries

Kroll has been the last word on matters as various and sundry as the JFK assassination .
(In short, when NBC and Dick Clark were gung ho about a second assassin story, Kroll’s report made that seem uncredible and that was scrapped.)
Whatever the case the man, Gerald Posner, who is credited with writing the definitive book on the assassination, “Case Closed.” Appears to like Nick Kroll’s comic stylings
                This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch... - Jeffrey Gurian's ...‎

This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch from Kroll Show last night on COMEDY CENTRAL, with me, Nick Kroll, ... John John Hall and Gerald Posner like this.

Here is but a short list of historical events that have involved Jules Kroll and his slew of savvy ex CIA, FBI, NSA, LAPD, NYPD, et al ad infinitum.

1-      1-In 1968, Kroll worked on Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign( Source: Business week
2-       2-Vet the NBC Story that disputes the Oswald lone shooter theory- source: (Note: Kroll’s supposed findings made James Files seem uncredible and the two hour documentary was scrapped by NBC)
3-      3-Find hidden assets of Marcos, Hussein, Papa Doc: source:
4-     4- Find the Diana Tapes on behalf of the Palace-sources:, and

5-     5- Write a report commissioned by the City of San Diego that aimed to root out the corruption that many appeared to believe existed.‎,

sur6-Write the Kenya Kroll Report:, (Note: Many say the report is dubious. These reports are really cover ups.)
7-     7- Work on behalf of now convicted Ponzi Schemer, Allen Stanford -to find out who was writing negative articles about him and to discredit them once found. Sources:,, ( note: In an e-mail sent from Kroll to Standford spoke of how this operative, and Andrew Cash “ Would talk to the judge.”)

8-Be blamed again for aiding Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien ·  How Hedge Funds Got Hooked in Scott Rothstein's Ponzi Scheme ...
Feb 25, 2012 - Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein lured supposedly smart money out of ...Kroll and an onsite inspector at Rothstein's Fort Lauderdale law firm, ...
·  [PDF]
Sep 30, 2011 - Platinum now seeks to hold Kroll liable for its losses on the basis that Kroll... and paid out over time -- from a Florida attorney, Scott Rothstein.
8-    9-  Work for another massive Ponzi scheme as an enabler

9-      10- Interview whistleblower Richard Chang. Source:
 (Note: Allegations made by Chang’s family that Chang was not depressed and was a family man and it made to them no sense that during or right after the Kroll operatives left, he’d jump to his death. Chang was not involved with the corruption but rather had reported it.)

1111-In 2008, Be the investigators when a breach occurred, and it was learned that Passport information for Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, had occurred(and on a lesser scale- Passport info for Mcain and Hillary Clinton . source:,  
11-   12-Supervised entirely the “Consent Decree” placed upon the LAPD, after the Rodney King and Rampart Scandals had required the oversight of an impartial sort of uh… party. Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is often approached by Kroll for their threat management expertise. Former Threat Management Head, Gregory Boles, has a senior position with Kroll now. Bill Bratton the man who signed off the internal affairs "investigations" i requested is Kroll's chairman
1213-Hire ex FBI agent, John Oneill to oversee security at the Building 7 of the World Trade center. He was hired by Kroll the day before or just took the job the day before. A movie “ Who shot John O’Neill,” seems to find Kroll complicit in severe shenanigans.
13-14-Be responsible for security of The World Trade Center before, and during the 9/11 attacks.,Inc.shtml,
1415-Hired for their “data recovery” expertise to find out whatever wasn’t destroyed and was left on any hard drives to be found after 9/11,
1515-Do due diligence for investors with Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien. They have since been sued for negligence though the judge threw that out because they get away with EVERYTHING. Source:
1616-  When the City Of New York College needed to do an investigation into some serious allegations made by activist, Kroll vindicated those accused-
1717-  Hired by Chevron for their “litigation support” services. Which in turn led to this article about an attempt to bribe a journalist by a Kroll operative named Cash:, and
118-When a drug maker wanted to be sure nothing was preventing his fortunes from being reaped, he hired Kroll to investigate an FDA official and her family.
119-Hired to decimate Ian Puddick when he began blogging negative things about one of their own.
2021-Be commissioned for 100k by the Connecticut school district to be in charge of security post Sandy Hook. ( these links struck me as particularly interesting-  
222- Here Kroll found fraud but why the hell would they be seen as credible!?
23-23-And something to do with Enron that I can’t quite grasp.
2424-  And they make money selling ammo too!
Oh yeah, I forgot, some wonder who vetted Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter. It was Kroll under the Altegrity cover
Comments not expected. Viewership is all that can matter. Have a Happy New Year.

And, a different version of a piece I posted a few weeks ago.  More exhaustive or exhausting,  or whatevuh!
 Please note that Kroll is now investigating the biking scandal. Talk of re-instating Mr. Armstrong in the press. I have come up with a massive list of journo hos(I think I made that up first,) who are promoting, and not reporting. It strikes me as both horrifying and fascinating to behold.

Some pertinent press related links-



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(1) Gregozek and Hoffman check out the worms you unleashed (1) Greta van sustern you looking good girl (1) grew up filthy rich what's his damage (1) grilled cheese (1) grimy and grotesque etc. (1) gross immoral yentas vs moi (1) gualazzi must be jealous (1) gucci yuck (1) ha (4) ha as opposed to oprah diet (1) ha ha ha loser (1) ha hoo (1) had a good education this greek but still so stupid (1) hailey whomever ed hardy my ass (1) hair cuts not cold cuts (1) hair hut (1) handbasket (1) handyman (1) hanna arendt said that banality of evil line (1) happy endings (1) happy jewish new year blog (1) happy to see this decade go (1) hard (1) hard to fill such an enlarged stomach (1) hard to murder me with so many witneseses as they say (1) Harris Wittels can't sue me for defamation cause everything I say is true (1) harris wittels has less to offer than my toenails (1) Harris Wittels is a vile liar (1) Harris Wittels joins the rabid pack cause he's a follower and an idiot (1) harry potter jokes galore (1) harsh (1) harvey levin you little shmuck (1) hasiting (1) hate plates (1) hate those- they always die (1) hateful landslide cause by Mathilde Notaro (1) have till late october (1) have to experience it to understand (1) have you noticed (1) having the docket in your pocket (1) Hayley is going to have issues (1) he has no idea I blog about him (1) he named his kid blanket (1) he showed drivers licence (1) he works in such mysterious ways- that one (1) he's on tv (1) headhunting by kroll means big money and that is why my whole sick sick case was fixed from day one (1) healthcare (1) healthcare not as pressing (1) heartbreaking (1) heartbreaking book if you are not a sociopath (1) heat (1) heavenly (1) heidi and spencer (1) heidi feigin (1) heidi klum is the definition of teutonic (1) help (1) helping with still exisitng fridge smell (1) helps promote clubs my ass. slob (1) hemophilia. always some exceptions (1) her hand is obviously much bette (1) her name is actually felise cohen kalpakian (1) Hermitism (1) hey (1) hidden newsweeks (1) high maintenance obese (1) Higher powers (1) hileslaben (1) him and harris shittels are DISGUSTING liars and freaks (1) Hippocratic oath issues (1) hips from hell (1) hiroshima mon amour (1) his existence is depressing (1) his lover (1) history (1) hit hog (1) hits (1) hits galore (1) hits that is (1) hmmm (7) hmmm. (1) Hoff putting behavior with the daughter (1) hoff sang well (1) hoff the wagon (1) hoffbeat (1) holding court and going to court (1) holla to honky homegirls too (1) Hollywood back lot of a unit phony as it gets (1) hollywood horrors (1) Hollywood rite aids (1) holy crap (1) holy shit (2) home affordable whatever. (1) hoodlums (1) hootie (1) hope (1) hope for david huntsberger (1) hope kalpakian and waxler have disgusted god too (1) hope springs infernal (1) hope springs infernal again (1) hope they enjoy it (1) hopes and such (1) horrible and terrible (1) horrible to know (1) hos and shmos (1) hosses (1) hot as hell (1) hot hot hot (1) hot out but no so bad more quesadilla than french toast feeling (1) hot plans for tonight (1) hot potato (1) hot searches honduras (1) hot searches today (1) hotdog umbrella (1) hotklix though no hope (1) hotsy totsy (1) housecoats (1) how can a messed up link have illegality attached (1) How can Willen stand to see such lies that she birthed (1) how could it be? (1) how do I get back my labels (1) how do they know (1) how in gods name is it a lifestyle (1) how many times are you going to tell that tort joke (1) How to explain this away (1) hubris (1) huffington pos (1) hug a tree but stab a human kind of guy marty boags (1) humanity (1) humorous illustration (2) humorous writing (1) humpings (1) hungarian jews (1) hungry for hits (1) hunky and good and talented is exsa-llent (1) Hunter Seidman and Boxenbaum oy oy oy (1) hunter seidman and scott boxenbaum (1) hunter seidman is the poor man's harvey feirstein. (1) Hunter Seidman pathetic putz. (1) Hunter Seidman's twitter (1) hush be patient (1) Huy Truong (1) hygeine issues will result (1) hysterics (1) I absolutely loathe lawyers (1) I always credit my quotes (1) I always give credit when due (1) I am (1) I apologize (1) I ate the chips where she wears the green (1) I be impressed (1) I be tripping (1) I bet marty's verbal scores match my math scores (1) I better stop blogging as my love life turned messy in less than 2 minutes (1) i can smell it from the page at least (1) I can't imagine how so many truly rotten apples there are in this world (1) I can't see why tha would improve my lot (1) I can't wait till that bamboozled jury sees the real story (1) I despise much (1) I did call them bozos (1) I didn't write any of these btw (1) I don't anticipate even a reqest much less a beg so don't get smart with me sister (1) I don't have a lot (1) I don't like this city (1) I don't see why I can't tell it tommorow (1) i don't want the world to see me cuz I don't think you'll understan (1) I doubt stef willen would think that this is ok (1) I have a reader in china (1) I have a reader in the philiphines (1) i hope patricia phillips didn't fail so spectacularly with her other children (1) I know (1) I know what a tort is bozo (1) I like my bull stuff (1) I like the sound of my own era (1) I love the internet (2) I love you blog (1) i love you google (1) I m so waystd. LO... CRASH (1) I never even heard of him (1) I positively reek of competence (1) I smell your comments but I can't see them (1) I sound hysterical because I am (1) I think it's a tossup between the great black guy singer and the great latin woman singer (1) I think jimmy carters is rotten guy (1) I think more hits than usual (1) I think my sister is hard core genius and rags like cohen kalpakian and tig notaro have no right to bother her (1) I thought he was more self aware (1) I truly don't have a beef with anyone but bad people and they come in all sizes and creeds and races whatevs (1) i try my best (1) I want to adopt them (1) i want to like my readers (1) I want to talk about friends and words (1) I was sure 9/11 would make it all better and it got worse. (1) I was the only jew and the only one with a tattoo (1) I went to get the phone number and got this (1) I wish I could show these people the documents (1) I wish it was true and that their pants would be on fire but liars usually don't have burning pants (1) I wish sometimes I was an idiot (1) I wonder if she'll help me out (1) I'll brew the tea (1) I'll start my celebrity sightings in a chronological order (1) I'm a timex too bitches (1) I'm done with the Leauge (1) I'm going to start inviting people to my tria. (1) I'm much too cool for puns and most are unintended (1) i'm smart (1) I'm sure there's good ones (1) i'm understanding (1) i'm unemployed so feel free to offer a job (1) I've decided I'm an aburdist secularist (1) ian puddick (1) ice cream scooper (1) ice skating bear (1) iconic ironic (1) idea (1) if all goes well 3 seperate snacks at 7-11 at dawn (1) if he was 14 not as bad but still awful (1) if it was a suicide (1) if no kids what a rasperry to the creditors (1) if sb was a teen i might feel compassion (1) if so (1) if the real story of what it's like for jules kroll's son to have to claim defeat was told now that would be interesting (1) if those are his secret thoughts how bad must his public ones be (1) if you believe that these cows are fat just from grass than I know a nigerian from brooklyn who can sell you a bridge (1) if you see judge karla kerlin (1) ignorance (1) igor asks me how I was going on three occassions as I am a member of the community (2) ihmho (1) illegal (1) illegal characters when put in link wtf (1) Illinois (1) illustration (1) improptu (1) in a hurry (1) in and out (1) in every generation (1) in peril. (1) In propria persona yo hona with ny accent (1) in the midst of tiresome legalese (2) in the motherhood big flop (1) in the motherhood tanked btw (1) in the next installment I'll dissect the sandwiches (1) incredible (1) indigence vs. ear cancer (1) ineffectual obama (1) infantilized and not good looking (1) ingrid betencourt (1) inhabitable (1) inhumanity by our most trusted officials (1) injustice of such proportions (1) injustice reeks (1) injustice stew (1) innovative (1) insane killer on the loose went to fair (1) insane killer walking in fair (1) insert bad port jokes (1) insipid bones (1) institutes built for tragic situations (1) integral (1) integral entertainment my ass (1) intense (1) intercourse (2) internet amazing (2) internet must be used better (1) intolerable wisdom (1) intrigue with irs account (1) intuition (1) invasion of evil (1) inventor of acronyms and aagg (1) IQ (1) ira glass (3) Iran ouch (1) Iran to America when they tear gassed me while i twittered. (1) irs emails (1) irs scandal (1) irs targeting and email scandal (1) is everyone still twittering? oh sorry (2) is it just me (1) is it my style or my labels (1) is it saturday again (1) is that wierd? (1) is there no worse crime (1) is there such a thing now as a blogosphere (1) Is what a crock catching on yet? (1) Is what a crock catching on yet? the motions that causes Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler to try to get me declared "imcompetent" (1) Is what a crock catching on yet? Rabbis shouldlnt sell kidneys (1) issues (1) it could be worse (1) it doesn't get much worse (1) It's a kroll world and we merely live in it (1) It's got to be LA (1) it's ovah (1) it's time to seek out foundations (1) italics (1) its not like you can quit when you know such evil exists (1) its too early why is jay leno on? sex in dumpster joke hilarious (1) Jackie Kashian sick slob (1) jackie mason (1) Jacksons are good looking bunch (1) Jake pavelka is the perfect man except for the intellect issue (1) jake young ast forum (1) Jamie Colby (1) japan (1) Jason Castro (1) jason zinoman (1) java scripts (1) jaywalking (1) jealousy (1) jeez (3) jeez why should this disturb me? (1) jeezus (1) Jeff Probst (1) jeffrey dunn stinks (1) Jennifer Abrahams Waxler (1) Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian are tresspasser of the law (1) Jennifer waxler and howard williams are evil (1) jennifer waxler felise cohen kalpakian martin boags bernie brown katie ford city attorney of los angeles richard vagnozzi all da's involved (1) jeremy kroll (1) jesse thorn (1) jessica simpson breaks up with tony roma (1) jessner and maria stratton and you can't bribe them.... RUN (1) jessner looks caucasian is all I can say (1) jessner you are a waste of potential (1) jesus christ (1) Jesus isn't doing it (1) jew from santa cruz donating money (1) Jimmy Carter (1) jincy willet (1) joes (1) john connolly martin singer (1) john cusack (1) John Gosseling is everyewhere (1) john gregozek (2) John Gregozek and the TMU (1) john gregozek sucks eggs and balls and worse (1) John Philiphs (1) john wenzel (1) Johnston is wrong wrong wrong (1) johston and johnston make tylenol (1) Joke only works when bar is right by post but stiill doesnt work because not enough time to think enough (1) jokes for sale (1) jon and kate gosselin (1) jon voight (1) Jon Voigt (1) joran van der sloot sociopath like ver der sloot but uglier (1) josh fadem? (1) josh hicks (1) Joshua (1) journalism (1) journalists (1) judaism (1) Judge gerald rosenberg does not follow the law (1) judge got scared off but said he beleive a "grave injustice" occurred in this case. everyone who really knows the case knows this to be true (1) judge jaqueline connors obscene corruption (1) judge jessner's neighbor speaks (1) judge jokes and prosecutor jokes acoming (1) judge love is a jarring feeling. Tig Notaro is a sociopath and must be prosecuted (1) judge manuel real (1) Judge Maria Sratton enemy of the people (1) judge maria stratton (1) judge maria stratton belongs in iran not america (1) judge maria stratton belongs in solitary for life (1) Judge Maria Stratton corrupt (1) Judge Maria Stratton is a monster ladies and gentlemen (1) judge maria stratton is a stage 5 cancer (1) Judge Maria Stratton Los Angeles evil as it gets (1) judge maria stratton would be better suited for prison as opposed to van nuys civil (1) judge maria stratton would be first in line to be a nazi (1) judge richard fruin douchebag rat (1) judge richard fruin is a stupid and senile sociopath (1) judge richard fruin is tig's favorite judge yet (1) Judge Samanth Jessner then Maria Stratton and then more rape and pillage by the City and county of los angeles. (1) judge samanth jessner treasonous tortfeasor (1) judge samantha jessner (1) Judge Samantha Jessner evil incarnate really (1) judge samantha jessner is incompetent to sit at any trial or hearing (1) judge samantha jessner menace to civilized society (1) judge samantha jessner nightmarish monster (1) judge samantha jessner tax payer rapist (1) judge samantha jessner's mere existence is depressing. (1) judge shows forever ruined (1) judge told him 1 but in truth in was 2 (1) judges (1) judges in los angeles (1) judges too (1) judging the judges (1) Judicial corruption (2) judicial corruption los angeles (1) judicial misconduct (1) jules b kroll (2) jules kroll (3) Juries and me (1) juries are sexy (1) juror furor (1) Jurors do the macarena or the clerks (1) jurors were so uninformed (1) just beggining (1) just call him walter cronkite for god sake he's not your colleague (1) just cause I can (1) just get it a cake (1) just get pregnant or don't for the LOVE of god (1) just go with the punches and the flow and pray is what I say (1) just got lots fun info (1) just one mention from oprah and tarra will be rich again (1) just saw such innovations today it feels as if you are taking over the universe (1) just the eyes not the fear factor as I plan to kick all kinds of morally bankrupt and corrupt ass/azz (1) just want to hit 5000 really (1) justice (3) justice is precious would't you think? (1) justin and britney (1) justin timberlake (2) juvenile hall (1) Kalpakian and boags are perhaps worse (1) kalpakian in burbank- you suck so bad (1) kalpakian-ratchet (1) karim gets that it's not satire and that ms slovan is only too real (1) karla kerlin (2) Karla Kerlin and Mary Lou too (2) Karla Kerlin malicious prosecutor and corrupt judge now moved hopefull demoted (1) Karla Kerlin- (1) karma is being coy (1) karma yay (1) Katie Ford as bad (1) Katie Ford flashback today (1) katie ford rabid mouse (1) Keefe is cleaning up (1) Keep fighting Hillary (1) keeps trudging downhill that snot boxenbum fool (1) keilbasa face and the gang (1) Kelly boyer is a mystery still wtf (1) kentucky not in australia (1) kevin dillon (1) kevin seccia (1) keyboard mightier than the sword (1) keyword power (1) keywords (1) keywords are crazy you should see (1) keywords count (1) keywords that work (1) kfc (1) kidding said something that I'll discuss in post here or there. (1) kira hesser (1) kira hesser shameless cow (1) kirtsy also no good (1) kismet (1) klinger came from the sewers i sure never saw him before and he knows it (1) know about flooding already and know about autumn (1) know that achmainajad isn't spelled right (1) knowledge (1) korean can't remember definately not hottie (1) kosher is bullshit (1) kris mohandie is tv ready but highly suspect due to his tmu association (1) kris mohandie trying to remember a precedent where the maniac was intersted in donut stores (1) Kristina Goolsby (1) kroll (4) kroll and martin singer combo (1) kroll cops (1) kroll group (1) kroll more connected than koch brothers (1) kroll ontrack (1) kroll show (1) kroll show canada (1) kroll show excel at excel even (1) kroll show renewal (1) kyle dunnigan elder abuser (1) labels (4) labels and tables (1) labelss (1) labia (1) labor (1) lame (1) lame people (1) lameness (1) land o flakes is where I live (1) land o swamps probably (1) lani ogrady (1) lapd (1) lapd corruption (1) LAPD's threat management is a danger to others -lots of others (1) lard (1) largo (1) last legs (1) last marble (1) last rites (1) last year it was triple these number (1) last year very very very stressful (1) latte (1) laughter the closest distance between two people (1) lauren bans (2) Lauren Spitzberg draws the sweetest pig (1) lavely and singer corruption scandal (1) Lavely and Singer lawyers are bottom of the barrel (1) Lavely and Singer related titles too (1) Lavely and singer shows up the minute their name is mentioned (1) lavely and singer subpeona some calls (1) law (1) law dictionaries (1) law is whack (1) lawyer anti jokes (1) lawyers also vile bunch as a whole (1) Lawyers and Lambs (1) lawyers are demon swine (1) lawyers are really filth (1) lawyers really appear to be lame individuals (1) lay zay fair (1) lazy or unimaginative or what (1) le homm de absured (1) leave me alone labels i have enough on my damned plate (1) leg lift lameness (1) legacy (1) legal advice is so much about cowardly make nice (1) legal scholars (1) legal system corrupt (1) legal system tea parties at my house (1) legalese (1) lemon marangay (1) lemon meringue (1) lemon moronlesbian (1) lemon per se (1) lemonande (1) lemons (1) leprosy to anyone filthy bentzen ball (1) lesbian mannequins get treated fine (1) less than 2 cents (1) let go liars (1) let them look at the "sundry" motions and weep (1) Let's club oprah with her books (1) lets do the 60's again sans manson etc. (1) lets not forget jennifer waxler and katie ford of course (1) levels of evil list (1) liar and life destroyer (1) liars (3) liars are awful (1) liars are scary as hell (1) lies (1) liestrong (1) life (3) life is nut nut (1) life too rich pageant (1) like clockwork (1) like friggin or shite or arse (1) like heavens sake too if you are not clear (1) like that len goodman and bruno but zero interst in dancing (1) lindsey lohan (1) lines down the block with geeks daily down the block from me at comic book store (1) link broken (1) link fixed (1) link looks bad (1) link thing broken again (1) lip synching not in ten commandments (1) lipose (1) lips kudlow (1) little birdies everywhere (1) live coverage (1) livestrong (1) living and learning (1) liz belsky (1) llama (1) locusts (1) LOL (1) loll (1) long great story (1) long life (1) long list of liability (1) long nights journey into day (1) long overdue outrage because kroll and the DOJ in bed too often. (1) long road ahead (1) long sleeves and jeans terrible (1) look up nifong and see Katie Ford Jennifer Waxler Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Martin Boags (1) lookalikes (1) looking for funding (1) looks like a social worker that shlubby evil kalpakian (1) loooong brief (1) Los Angeles justice 8ca10541 (1) los angeles city attorney and DA filthy (1) los angeles city attorneys office is fixed (1) los angeles city attorneys should revolt against what crazy marty is doing. (1) los angeles corruption (3) los angeles court corruption (3) los angeles is diseased (1) los angeles judicial corruption (1) los angeles legal nightmare (1) los angeles legal system corruption (1) los angeles superior court corruption (1) los angeles wants to pay for my funeral too (1) Los Angles Appellate court in the pocket of law firms (1) losing (1) losing and winning battles (1) losing touch (1) loss for labels for first time (1) lost (1) lot on the plate (1) lots of bitch in that guy (1) louis ck (2) love (4) love heiro kid (1) love lauren beamen too (1) Love me some labor day weekends (1) Love stuff (2) love the fact that the turds like boxenbaum and seidman won't get away with it (1) lovely snacks to overcome evil and injustice in America (1) low blood sugar woes (1) lower powers (1) lox (1) luck (1) lucky bastards (1) lucy gordon (2) lunch with andre (1) lust for justice (1) luv (1) lynch (1) lynn and jules kroll documentary fund (1) mabel. (1) mabels (1) Macerana perhaps (1) mad as hell but that's beyond normal under the circumstances (1) magdesburg (1) magic keyword (1) magical (1) major cover up in los angeles superior court (1) make it stop mommy (1) make up artists (1) makes her ability to be so unjust even worse (1) makes you feel like a fajita or a french fry (1) making copies of diary before returning it to the real owner of black notebook (1) malaise (1) malfeasance (1) malfeasance and me (1) malicious prosecution (1) malicious prosecutors ennifer waxler et al (1) malicious prosecutors are the worst (1) mall (1) manhunt for reality tv contestant who might have killed bikinin model (1) manifesto (1) manipulate readership (1) manson face on notaro (1) many hours in the day (1) many hours in the week (1) many judges are completely corrupt (1) many many (1) many more slogans if these don't do the trick (1) many others (1) many people are rotten (1) Mari Winsor (1) maria stratton corrupt (1) Maria Stratton denies bail for misdemeanor where ultimately all charges were dropped (1) Maria Stratton denies bail for non violent misdemeanors and the defendant is aquitted at trial (1) Maria stratton is incompetent and evil (1) maria strattton (1) mark salzman (1) martha kelly comedan liar perjurer lowlife (1) Martha Kelly is a low down dog (1) martha kelly is a lying gnat petrified of her only connection (1) Martha Kelly is a perjurer and a pruneface (1) martha kelly mess (1) martha kelly wicked wimp (1) martin boags city attorney and sinister slimebag (1) Martin Boags and Katie Ford have stolen your money California (1) martin boags is a sad swine (1) martin boags is such a gross little sociopath (1) martin boags los angeles shitty attorney (1) martin boags tactic (1) martin boags unbenched his dad and still stays bad (1) martin boags will never be a d.a. like that sad vagnozi in 95 (1) marty boags is the devil (1) marty singer (3) Mary Lou Villar must be investigated she is not on the up and up and she is the sister of Anthony Villagrosa (1) massive story backlog (1) mathilde notaro dangerous maniac (1) mathilde notaro is a psychopath dear reader as is her sadsack cow eyed (1) mathilde notaro liar (1) mathilde tig notaro stole millions from the taxpayers (1) matilde notaro (1) matresses (1) maureen mcormack (1) maw (1) max joseph lacio (1) maybe a daily feature (1) maybe billie jean was his uncle or even aunt (1) maybe call my blog something with bullshit in title (1) maybe just so scared and a coward or just as evil (1) maybe no god (1) maybe you are trying to win the affections of scott boxenbaum (1) mayonaisse (1) McSweeneys writing contest fixed (1) meaningless (1) meds (1) meghan kelly most urgently needs help as she is too dignified for such a show of flesh on the a.m news (1) melancholy diety (1) melanie grifith too tired to find out why she hot search (1) melissa rycroft (1) Meme dreams (1) Meme meme (1) meme? studio angry at mr. downey (1) men or mice (1) men with suits and agendas (1) mensa of greater los angeles (1) mental (1) Mental see (1) mercy (2) merry christmas to all my mijas and sistahs in lynwood and even to the decent deputies and the douchy deputies (1) mervyns used to have them but they went out of business (1) mess (1) messing with the spitzbergs is ill advised (1) metashit (1) metro area (1) Michael Griffe Tig Notaro and Kevin Seccia are very sick and twisted men. (1) michael jackson gossip (2) michelle's donuts (1) midday follies (1) midgets (2) might as well (1) mija1 (1) military rape wtf (1) mindblowing corruption on the part of kroll cops and prosecutors and juges in L.A (1) mini malls (1) minka kelly (1) miracles (1) mirages (1) Miss Alli (1) miss that fritter and just might head out (1) miss the mouse something fierce with this laptop (1) missign the days of blissfull oblviousness (1) missing chips (1) missing niche (1) missing platelets or pigment (1) missing the nasty sideburns (1) missy lyn (1) missy pyle godspeed you will need it (1) mixed blessing as it denies me her future earnings (1) model murdered in miami burnt and thrown in dumpster (1) modern day nazis (1) modern prosecution and the blog should be a thesis somewhere (1) mommyface dingbats (1) moods (1) Moon Lodge (1) more (1) more crooked cop stories (1) more donuts than people if you counted all the donuts (1) more I bitch the less I itch (1) more important than anything to reform the judicial system (1) more important that healthcare (1) more later whether you like it or not (2) more motions (1) more offensive when the potential for humanity seems present (1) more origina (1) more questions than answers that's for sure (1) more strangeness (1) more than hot (1) more townhalls (1) mormons can be funny too (1) moronic humans (1) most babies turn into ugly adults (1) most caught in legal system not great communicators. (1) most excellent (1) Most fresh content (1) mother also looks like that little ape or whatever that is (1) mother is vavering about health care (1) mother just said (1) mother looks like freshly birthed swine (1) mother now on phone with her sister raving about my motions (1) mother of joshua whose name now escapes was amazingly good (1) motherloving (1) mothers (2) mothers are the best (1) motion to void ignored (1) motions up your ass (1) motto (1) mouth to mouth to blog (1) movie (1) mtv awards next time after gaining confidence with my chabad telethon report (1) muffins (2) mug (1) Mullah Oprah (1) Mullahs (1) multiplying bozos (1) mundane and creative at war (1) mundane millie (1) murder (4) murphys law medicine (1) museums of intolerance more like it (1) musings (1) muskateers vs vermin (1) must be a mistake (1) must be Los angeles (1) must blog soon about the shit we've been through (1) must break 30 by morn (1) must do something to change this monstrous legal system (1) Must get cloris leachmean to play her (1) must get more hits though to monetize (1) must give back books to library (1) must go to court because of some withered mediocrity (1) must google syko sam and jason segal (1) must have fritter soon (1) must have justice soon or someday (1) must learn to set up real polling (1) must not forget (1) must now google to find the third jackson sister name and I resent it (1) must pretend the human is a computer and have geeks fix (1) must put a stop to this momhood moronicy (1) must resuscitate blog (1) must start movement (1) must take on justice system so out of loop (1) must work from home somehow (1) mutitaskng (1) my all time favorites (1) my ass (1) my baby blog (1) My big bad lady balls (1) my big old beautiful blog (1) my blog is pretty (1) my blog must deal with those the press has picked and the public is forced to contend with (1) my calling? (1) my corrupt idiot of a lawyer (1) my general (1) my god the shit list is a shit tome (1) my hero (1) my jury (2) my mother juast said that despite how bad the food was her fat body is happy because she isn't hungry (1) my mother rocks her housedresses (2) my mother's jowl sustains me (1) my new genre blogsteady feta fiction (1) my opinion (1) my opinion doesn't move mountains much (1) my regular reader has fled but all she has to do is confess (1) my revenge is gettting too cold to serve properly (1) my sisters line (1) my take (1) my tori spelling story coming up (1) myface (1) myspace (1) mysteries (1) mysterious contract? (1) mystery (1) mystical (1) mystified by oprah's appeal (1) nadir kroll (1) name escapes me (1) names (2) naming is crucial or not (1) nancy grace on (1) nap (1) nastiness (1) Nasty bull shouldn't crap near icecream (1) Nasty thoughts about things (1) Nathaneal West rocks my world (1) nation (1) naysayers (1) nazis (1) nebraska (1) neda (2) Nedda (1) need commiseration (1) need phrenologist (1) need revenge(legal asses) like water (1) need to look up what semiotics means first thing tommorow (1) needless (1) neighbors (1) nepotism is the least of nick krolls sins (1) Nerdist (1) netvibes also (1) never before have I hated a city (1) never end (1) never had generations a-w -- what gives? thanks little birdie (1) never heard of simon rich (1) never heard of them (1) never met anyone who calls this shithole the southland (1) never met these guys and visa versa (1) never read harry potter but curious (1) never thought lupus was deadly (1) never trust a nerd in a beret (1) neverland up for rent (1) new agendas (1) new genre not yet (1) new holidays (1) new jersey corruption (1) new jobs (1) new port old port (1) New York (1) new york magazine (1) news that concerns only the lousy (1) next more lies (1) next post (1) nexus 1 stick it up your ass (1) ng? I want to grow up to be a british host (1) Niche fullfillment (1) niches are like peaches (1) nicholas (1) nick kroll (18) nick kroll abysmal monstrosity (1) nick kroll and tig notaro (1) nick kroll and tig notaro court fixing scam (1) nick kroll both pathetic and evil (1) nick kroll cracks me up in a bad way (1) nick kroll favorite city attorney and one flabby and nasty broad (1) nick kroll foulest and unfunniest 'comedian" evah (1) nick kroll is the world's most foul troll (1) nick kroll is using these same dirty tricks to launch himself and his list (1) nick kroll payola (1) nick kroll production was a massive cancer scam (1) nick kroll reeks (1) nick kroll scammer (1) nick kroll the fixer (1) nick kroll trolls are a desperate type of troll just like him (1) nick kroll z list willing to kill to get up that ladder (1) nick kroll's go to guy (1) nicotine needs (1) Nifong looked like a respectable guy (1) Nifong should be in jail for life in my opinion (1) Nifonged (1) nigerian terrorists (1) nightmarish professionals (1) nighty night (1) nipples (1) nipples and presidents don't mix (1) no anwer to complaint (1) no blogging past (1) no concert tour too they tell us (1) no donuts today (1) no fair (1) no good do gooders (1) no gulags or guantanamos (1) no hearings allowed but then suddenly a judge who i've never seen before ruling on all of them (1) no humor (1) no instant karma in this case as far as I know (1) no joke that lawyers are disgusting (1) no justice no peace sitch (1) no labels spring to mind (1) no luck with aunts in general (1) no mojo (1) no more donut talk for awhile so if here for donuts than sorry (1) no more labels (1) no need to even generalize (1) no need to fill this label slot if nothing comes to mind really (1) no no no sw only an apology is poetry at this stage (1) No one can spell Quadaffi inlcuding I (1) no one in family wears bathrobes (1) no pork pimping (1) no sense (1) no time for labels (1) no time for lables (1) no wonder comedy is sucking (1) no? I like donuts don't get me wrong (1) non stop nonsense (1) noone on the news has mentioned blogs for a week (1) norms was good today (1) Northeastern Illinois (1) nostradamus again (1) not a doozy but maybe mildly interesting (1) not a hateful person (1) not a man or a boy but a twisted nerd thing (1) not alone (1) not by long shot (1) not conducive to healthy communication (1) not hair but for papers due or you fail class etc (1) not impressed with my fellow humans (1) not in the mood for (1) not in the mood for labels (1) not inspired (1) not into this reality tv model slaying story (1) not just songs (1) not lordly but lardly (1) not much better than nazis (1) not outraged just deflated and annoyed that I know feel superior for being spanked sometimes (1) not showing all the evidence they must have that If I could set up a message board I would be easy to track (1) not sure. (1) not the best but hard to get a better one now (1) not to hot to blog (1) Notaro is so crazy (1) notaro vs spitzberg appeal truth (1) notaro vs spitzberg appeal unpublished opinion may 5 2008 (1) nothing uglier (1) nothing wrong with that of course (1) now amy whinehouse deserves a documentary but tig notaro wtf (1) now he brings the sons in (1) now on some advertisement of a kosher market (1) now that I have so many readers (1) now that is funny (1) npr (2) nude dance (1) nurse appreciation (1) nurse ratcheds are not just fictional (1) nurse ratchet is sooo real and still around (1) nurse ratchet please just remain a fictional character. (1) Nursery rhyme about Martin Boags (1) nutrasweet (1) nutshells (2) oasis (1) obama (10) Obama funny (1) obama is calling walter cronkite (1) obama maybe (1) obama that (1) obama this (1) obscurity vs. sex slavery (1) obsession (1) occupy comedy (1) odd times (1) oddly I always found this rite aid to be uneventful except once for queen latifah and the goo goo doll (1) oddysey (1) odor (1) odyssey or chronicle (1) off I go can't post so much in one day (1) office products and tragic death (1) officer krupke and krupke came from keystone today (1) officially fearless (1) oh (1) oh dear the douchiness has reached dangerous degrees (1) oh lord (1) oh no (1) oh no corrupt rabbi (1) oh no eight is enough (1) oh no ho (1) oh no unamuno (1) oh no. (1) oh well (2) oh woman is called barbara padilla (1) oh you nutty pro per you (1) Okey Dokey (1) omission issues (1) on and off relationship (1) on the road to fatville? (1) once successful the name sounds fine (1) one day my raisinets were stolen (1) one dressed to harrass the innocent (1) one fine human I'd love to meet (1) one nude (1) one of many many ignored profiles (1) one of the worst (1) one percent press (1) one percenter madness (1) one percenters are not that funny it seems. funny business in the funny business (1) one smiling and in pan (1) one's a sociopath the other just maybe insane (1) only 3 hours left to tell my 911 story (1) only bobby seems to have fared well (1) only the anchors here and there try to make it work (1) only the geeks are non dinosaurs (1) only the muslims didn't cross us this year (1) only word that crowley got right on his SAT"s (1) onus (1) Onwards (1) open air agenda (1) open letter idea not original I found out but so be it (1) open sesame seed (1) open sesame street (1) open tsunam (1) opinions (1) oprah chicken (1) Oprah has a moronic laugh (1) oprah I know my blog isn't so nice about you but if you buy one of these we can retire and we are sooo tired (1) Oprah immune (1) oprah is a doofus (1) oprah is fat (4) oprah is forever (1) oprah is god (1) Oprah is maybe god (1) oprah is mighty (1) oprah is not sexy (1) oprah is shameless (1) oprah should be retired by force (1) oprah still diety (1) oprah sucks (1) optimism (1) or click safely or surf safely (1) or don't (1) or eichman or speer - is that how you';ll try to explain it awy. (1) or just random (1) or maybe just sheet and even other inatimate items (1) oral hearing (1) orange candy (1) orange candy price slashes (1) otherwise crowley would get away with it (1) ouch (1) out and in (1) out of apartment (1) out of its mind (1) out of the loop (1) out to dinner (1) outraged (2) outragous (1) outside (1) over the counter palliatives (1) overbuying at the 99 cents store hardly qualifies (2) oxymoron (1) oy (1) oy vey (2) oysh (1) paddling and prolonged beating might be different (1) pain (1) Palin (3) Palin is interesting and strong and this scares the hell out of lesser mortals (1) pancreas (2) pancreatic cancer for father (1) pants (1) pantsuits (1) parasites suck (1) pardon the vulgar language but shit is shit (1) paris (1) paris is not really punishment (1) partisan poop (1) partner (1) pasa diablo (1) passing on any help I can (1) passion (1) passion is now a crime (1) pat (1) pathetic scott boxenbaum (1) patho (1) patience will make me a hospital patient yet (1) paul sadowsky (1) pavillions pharmacy no good (1) pavlovian (1) pay for play (1) peace (1) pearls before swine (1) peasants (1) pelosi (1) pen is mightier than the (canker )sore (1) penal code 1369 (1) penis (1) people actually really do talk like this???? what was done before veganism (1) people googling and getting one of my labels (1) people scrunching their nose in elevator (1) Performing Arts (1) perjury (3) perjury isn't cool (1) Perseverance (1) persistent realities (1) persistent surreality (2) perspective (1) Peter Holmes (1) peter holmes even should ask (1) Peter Serafonowitz is hilarious and handsome (1) phonies (1) phony (2) pic of beneficiary of malfeasance (1) pics (1) pigs (2) pigs and cigs (1) pimps punks and poe-lees (1) pink elephants (1) pissed off (1) pissed off today at all the lowlifes I've had to encounter because of the hideous and insane tig notaro matilda whatever (1) pitchfork making dirty deals with nick kroll alert (1) pitiful (1) pits (1) pizza (1) pizza slicer (1) pizza with yams? don't understand (1) PJ Mallano is wrong (1) plans for the evening
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