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Tig Notaro and Stef Willen's benefactors are some busy people. The Krolls and I

Kroll seems to have no problem advertising themselves as the leading company for a myriad of mega responsibilities - global risk management, litigation support, corporate investigations,due diligence , asset recovery-- global and national.  

Plenty of Wikipedia info too.

If one has reason to dig deeper,  they’ll soon see that Kroll claims to be leaders in credit ratings, bond ratings, litigation support, internet security products, employment readiness,  forensic accounting, advisory solutions, threat management, government security clearance, global cyber security and corporate intelligence,  background checks. They also supply ammo and other toys to law enforcement under thier Kroll O'Gara guise.  And, those claims-- of being trusted, rarely- if ever- have been held up to scrutiny. When scrutiny shows up, it soon disappeared and a few name changes take care of any lingering bad P.R.
Jack of all Trades or masters of way too much?
If that doesn’t sound like too many responsibilities, they have even expanded into forensics. They have forensic accounting services, and forensic lab services for drug and urine testing. Such results that might emerge from their Virginia and Louisiana drug testing labs have been relied upon by law enforcement, for years now.

Men and woman have been vindicated or imprisoned based on their lab results. They have a fat contract with California.
They have expanded such services all over America, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this Kroll lab business has spread throughout the world.

 Recently, a man named Eric Landon sued them for negligence .
He was a few short weeks from his five year long probation(for forgery) being up, and right before it was up they came, and took a random sample, and he tested positive. He has been so wary that he’d already gotten a result from another lab, and it was negative, but the court would not give that lab any credence for a long time to come. He was arraigned the day before his probation was set to expire.
From what I’ve gathered it is no longer in dispute that he should have tested negative. He is now representing himself in a suit in a NY court. He is suing the Louisiana Kroll lab. You can read more here:

Forensic negligence issues that destroy live aside, Kroll has been called up on to investigate big business and big government  for over four decades now. It takes only a cursory google search to reveal that American Governments, International governments,  or big big business uses them often to investigate controversies. Their reports are legendary for those in the know.
Their branching out into forensic testing strikes me as unbearably ominous, but that could be bias talking since I recently digested that Jules Kroll’s son, Nick Kroll ,was the instigator of a now 9 year odyssey of injustice, in my case.
And, yet so many have never heard of the Krolls.
I didn’t until two months ago, or at least I had no idea that the name “Kroll” in so many reports and mystifying statements, in my case, meant the world.

Here is a nice concise way for you to see what happened to me and my family. But, here there really was some sort of love triangle In my case they had to invent one-- to make it give any sense to the senselessnes. Otherwise, the story is step for step what happened to us.
(Nick Kroll was the name Tig Notaro chose as a key witness to events that never occurred, and one that she made her business for judges to see. All that happened hinged in his desire to impress her and get a show at Largo, and an easy entree into the "comedy world."  His name was the one who got her a fancy police unit to protect her interests -which were also Nick's interests. He recently told a Washington Post writer that Tig Notaro was his "oldest and best comedy friend" and he would do anything for her.  Then, when I chose to never plea when innocent, Nick Kroll, submitted the most vicious and false witness statement to the prosecution. Though we never saw him, and It is highly doubtful that he was even there. For years we just assumed he was some wannabe comedian looking for easy gigs. Now, I've learned that the reason why a Scott Boxenbaum and a Harris Wittels were all over comedy message boards, urging anyone who would listen that I was a stalker who stalked "tons of female comedians all over the country," and had to be "shunned and banned" on sight was due to direct orders from Nick Kroll. Now I know why the public defender, Anan Desai, said to me on the first day, " What is going on in the comedy world. This case is a joke.")

Perhaps, the lack of name recognition in the 99% is due to the humbleness that this Huffington Post writer saw in heir to the throne, and well-reviewed actor,and comedian- Nick Kroll.
You can read more here and all over gawker, jezebel, the New York times.
Kroll employs big time journalists too. Google Kroll Journalists to get a sample.  So many investigative journalists now call Kroll- home. There are Pulitzer prize winning journalists who openly declare their new jobs with Kroll.
 Here’s one that wouldn’t bite. I urge you to give it a read. It doesn't cover the half of it , but it does express what has become of so much of our press:

This  1998 article in Business week gives the novice Kroll researcher a nice sense of how vast is their influence
In the late 1970s, he helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries

Kroll has been the last word on matters as various and sundry as the JFK assassination .
(In short, when NBC and Dick Clark were gung ho about a second assassin story, Kroll’s report made that seem uncredible and that was scrapped.)
Whatever the case the man, Gerald Posner, who is credited with writing the definitive book on the assassination, “Case Closed.” Appears to like Nick Kroll’s comic stylings
                This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch... - Jeffrey Gurian's ...

This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch from Kroll Show last night on COMEDY CENTRAL, with me, Nick Kroll, ... John John Hall and Gerald Posner like this.

Here is but a short list of historical events that have involved Jules Kroll and his slew of savvy ex CIA, FBI, NSA, LAPD, NYPD, et al ad infinitum.
1-      1-In 1968, Kroll worked on Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign( Source: Business week
2-       2-Vet the NBC Story that disputes the Oswald lone shooter theory- source: (Note: Kroll’s supposed findings made James Files seem uncredible and the two hour documentary was scrapped by NBC)
3-      3-Find hidden assets of Marcos, Hussein, Papa Doc: source:
4-     4- Find the Princesss Diana Tapes on behalf of the Palace-sources:, and
5-     5- Write a report commissioned by the City of San Diego that aimed to root out the corruption that many appeared to believe existed.‎,

6-Write the Kenya Kroll Report:, (Note: Many say the report is dubious. These reports are really cover ups.)
7-     7- Work on behalf of now convicted Ponzi Schemer, Allen Stanford -to find out who was writing negative articles about him and to discredit them once found. Sources:,, ( note: In an e-mail sent from Kroll to Standford spoke of how this operative, and Andrew Cash “ Would talk to the judge.”)

8-Be blamed again for aiding Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien ·  How Hedge Funds Got Hooked in Scott Rothstein's Ponzi Scheme ...
Feb 25, 2012 - Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein lured supposedly smart money out of ...Kroll and an onsite inspector at Rothstein's Fort Lauderdale law firm, ...
·  [PDF]
Sep 30, 2011 - Platinum now seeks to hold Kroll liable for its losses on the basis that Kroll... and paid out over time -- from a Florida attorney, Scott Rothstein.
  9-  Work for another massive Ponzi scheme as an enabler

    10- Interview whistleblower Richard Chang. Source:
 (Note: Allegations made by Chang’s family that Chang was not depressed and was a family man and it made to them no sense that during or right after the Kroll operatives left, he’d jump to his death. Chang was not involved with the corruption but rather had reported it.)

10 -In 2008, Be the investigators when a breach occurred, and it was learned that Passport information for Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, had occurred(and on a lesser scale- Passport info for Mcain and Hillary Clinton . source:,  
11-   12-Supervised entirely the “Consent Decree” placed upon the LAPD, after the Rodney King and Rampart Scandals had required the oversight of an impartial sort of uh… party. Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is often approached by Kroll for their threat management expertise. Former Threat Management Head, Gregory Boles, has a senior position with Kroll now. Bill Bratton the man who signed off the internal affairs "investigations" i requested is Kroll's chairman
12-Hire ex FBI agent, John Oneill to oversee security at the Building 7 of the World Trade center. He was hired by Kroll the day before or just took the job the day before. A movie “ Who shot John O’Neill,” seems to find Kroll complicit in severe shenanigans.
13--Be responsible for security of The World Trade Center before, and during the 9/11 attacks.,Inc.shtml,
15-Hired for their “data recovery” expertise to find out whatever wasn’t destroyed and was left on any hard drives to be found after 9/11,
16-Do due diligence for investors with Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien. They have since been sued for negligence though the judge threw that out because they get away with EVERYTHING. Source:
17-  When the City Of New York College needed to do an investigation into some serious allegations made by activist, Kroll vindicated those accused-
18 -Hired by Chevron for their “litigation support” services. Which in turn led to this article about an attempt to bribe a journalist by a Kroll operative named Cash:, and
19-When a drug maker wanted to be sure nothing was preventing his fortunes from being reaped, he hired Kroll to investigate an FDA official and her family.
20-Hired to decimate Ian Puddick when he began blogging negative things about one of their own.
21-Be commissioned for 100k by the Connecticut school district to be in charge of security post Sandy Hook. ( these links struck me as particularly interesting-  
22- Here Kroll found fraud but why the hell would they be seen as credible!?
24-And something to do with Enron that I can’t quite grasp.
25-  And they make money selling ammo too!
Oh yeah, I forgot, some wonder who vetted Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter. It was Kroll under the Altegrity cover

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