Thursday, November 3, 2016

Is Lipose Laden MALICIOUS prosecutor, Felise Con Kalpakian. still feigning some fitness business?

I'm guessing karma closed fatty felise kalpakian's exercise business. Or maybe it failed cause no one wants to see backfat felise sweating. EWWWW. Sulfur and spite sweat sounds funky.

Or maybe it's an unwise business decision to be flabby and hideous and expect people to pay for guidance in matters of fitness. If there is a god, god despises ugly yenta malicious prosecutors who try to put intelligent, sane,and good people in hospitals for the criminally insane, on behalf of future cancer scammers with asinine names like Tig Notaro, who happened to be the BFF of Jules Kroll's rank son, Nick Kroll BTW.

The feral, foul and fatty Felise Kalpakian belongs in a jail cell and then in hell, with monster city attorneys like Martin Boags, Jennifer Waxler and Katie "The Fraud" Ford. Or we'll be somewhat pleased if she turns out like Martin Boags- everyone but Lisa Boags wiped out in an epic spasm of smiting for his off the charts evil in case 8CA10541

What a story that is with Martin Boags- now residing in the place his victim was illegally jailed - Van Nuys. Demoted from Criminal to civil, before nearly his whole family died. I hope every time he says the name of his only surviving sister, Lisa, he remembers what he did to me and my loved ones.

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